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    Heard About The Strange 'Sleeping Beauty' Illness In Sweden?

    There are so many bizarre conditions that have come into existence and it makes us wonder on what new condition or disease is coming our way.

    In this article, we are revealing some of the interesting facts about one such strange condition in which kids are believed to suffer from "Resignation Syndrome", which is also known as "uppgivenhetssyndrom."

    This is a strange bizarre condition in which young kids tend to fall asleep and never wake up! They are said to sleep for hours, days, months and even years together.

    There has been much discussion about the so-called "Resignation Syndrome" that these children are called "apathetic" and families are seeking asylum in Sweden. This is a condition that exists in Sweden alone!

    There Are Hundreds Of Children Suffering From This Condition

    It is reported that there are over hundreds of children who seem to suffer from this condition, which is also known as the "Resignation Syndrome." Kids suffering from this condition started arriving in hospitals in the early 2000s and by 2005, and over more than 400 children, who are aged between 8 and 15, had been diagnosed with this unusual condition.

    Children Suffering From This Condition

    The kids plunge into a deep coma-like state, where they flit on the border of life and death. They do not eat, speak or even open their eyes. These kids are fed with drip-tubes and this is the only thing that keeps them alive. There have been several cases of kids being reported, in which they are suffering from this condition and have been bed-bound for more than two years.

    It Tends To Only Affect The Refugees

    Doctors who are studying about this rare and strange condition note that this strange condition seems to only affect the refugees from eastern Europe, when they are fleeing "holistic" societies. The stricken children seem to act in line with their society's unspoken rules, which makes them subconsciously give up on their will to live without any direct encouragement in the hope that it will save their family.

    What Actually Happens To The Kids?

    It is reported that hundreds of refugee children have fallen unconscious after they were being informed that their families will be expelled from the country. It is also reported that the children who seem to be affected by the condition tend to start showing symptoms of withdrawal from their social activities and they tend to speak less, before they finally decide on closing off completely from the world around them.

    The Doctors Reveal

    The experts reveal that the conscious part of the individual's brain seems to simply shut down, and this forces their parents to feed them through tubes and put them in nappies. It is also reported that no children are believed to have ever died as a result of the condition.

    Wish to read about any other bizarre condition that people tend to suffer from? Let us know in the comment section below, as we keep sharing some of the latest bizarre ongoing events around the world.

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