This Doctor Is Famous For Biting The Butts Of Her Clients!

There are many bizarre ways in which people get massages. But have you heard about a wackiest way of getting bitten and massaged?

Well, this is a profession that Dorthy Stein, aka Dr Dot, has been following for over 30 years now and the strange bit is, she has made a name for herself in this field where even celebrities visit her.

Check on more details of Dorthy Stein, aka Dr Dot, and her bizarre massaging technique.


It Is Called The Bite Massage!

This bizarre technique was found by Dr Dorothy Stein, who is a chiropracter from New Jersey. She has invented the most unconventional method of massaging, which involves some gentle biting on the butt as well!


How Did She Start This Massage Technique?

She revealed that she discovered the technique of biting and massaging at the tender age of 5, when she was giving a massage to her mother. Since her hands weren't strong enough, she bit her mother and her mother actually enjoyed the process, and since then she took this up as a profession.

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At The Age Of 15, She Was Already Established

When she turned 15, Dr Dot was already famous for her massage therapy. As she established herself in this profession, she gave her first backstage massage to the members of the legendary rock-band Def Leppard. After this, she built a network with other musical band members and eventually started massaging such artists, since she loved music.


She Worked For Free For Many Years!

She worked free for many years, until 1994, till she was told that she could make a business by her unique therapy of massaging. She currently charges between $150 and $250 for every hour.

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Her List Of Clients Include

She has a long list of famous celebs on her client list. From Katy Perry, Eminem, Robert Plant, and Courtney Love to many more. She claims that each celebrity brings his/her own set of rules for his/her massage session. While some like gentle biting, rest love it when she bites them hard!


How Does The Massage Actually Work?

She asks her clients if they wish to have the session with oil or without oil, after which she bites the whole back up and down, in a very fluid motion, bit by bit, and also avoids biting any bones in the process.

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Medics Do Not Approve Of Her Technique For The Massage!

Dr Holly Phillips strongly believes that this technique of massaging can infect the clients. He added: "Stein believes the action promotes blood circulation in the same way cupping does, however, about 10 to 15 percent of human bite wounds become infected by bacteria. There is also the potential for transmission of viruses like hepatitis B."


We Wonder How This Bizarre Technique Helps!

Though there have been many theories around to understand how the whole process works, she does have a long list of clients who look happy and satisfied.

So, let us know if you would decide to try this technique or not. Leave a comment below.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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