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    Video Of A Woman Shaving At A Hotel Swimming Pool Is Going Viral AF!

    There are so many instances that happen in our lives which make us realise that there are many disgusting people out there who need to be counselled for being nice to the fellow citizens.

    People tend to be cold to public property and they do not blink their eyes before doing any kind of a damage to it.

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    Here, in this article, we are revealing one such disgusting case of a woman who can be seen shaving her legs in a public swimming pool, in a video that went all viral.

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    In the video, which was shot in Florida, US, the unnamed woman is seen sitting perched on the edge of the water and calmly scraping away her legs with a razor.

    The most shocking bit of the entire episode is that a group of children are happily paddling back and forth in front of her as she shaves. These kids were hardly two feet away from the disgusting woman.

    It seemed like a regular scene, as everybody around the woman were seen casually doing their work, while the woman was scraping her hair off and washing the razor in the water while the kids played around!

    It looked like it was only the camera man who was disturbed by the sight and was slyly recording the eye-watering footage of the lady depositing her stubble into the pool.

    The video went viral on Reddit, a social platform. When the video was uploaded, the clip was apparently upvoted more than 50,000 times on the forum website and it has been commented on more than 1600 times!

    Here are a few comments from the netizens:

    "Imagine the inadvertent gulp of water that sometimes happens when you're swimming...with all the shaved hair in it."
    "I used to lifeguard at a YMCA so figured I've seen it all until this video."
    "I would never swim in a public pool after that experience."

    Check out the disgusting video and let us know if you would think twice before jumping into a public pool the next time.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, May 29, 2018, 11:08 [IST]
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