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    Uses Of Condoms That None Of Us Have Thought Of

    Condom का ऐसा इस्तेमाल आम जिंदगी को बनाएगा आसान | Condom Life Hacks | Boldsky

    The very first thought that you would get when you hear the word condom is love-making. But have you ever thought that these rubber rings can be used for other purposes as well?

    Sounds weird, right? But we bring to you the list of different bizarre uses that people have used condoms for, apart from using it for sex.

    Weird Things Condoms Are Used For!

    These bizarre uses of condoms in the most weirdest ways will leave you stunned, as these ideas are something that a common man would not think of!

    Snorting Condom Challenge Is The Next In Thing!

    Find out on the most bizarre ways in which condoms have ever been used by the mankind.

    It Is Used As A Stress Reliever

    Wondering how a condom can be a stress buster? Well, make use of a condom as a stress-buster ball by filling it with flour. It's a very easy DIY hack. Just fill the condom with the desired amount of flour and all that you do is use it to squeeze it. We bet, it is quite relieving.

    Can Be Used To Apply Foundation

    This is the most crazy way of using a CONDOM! But must say, if you think that your makeup sponge absorbs a lot heaps of the product, then condoms are the solution, as you can stuff a makeup sponge inside a condom and you can apply your foundation using the super-smooth base!

    Tip: Ensure that you wash off the lubricant from the condom before you stuff the sponge inside it.

    Couple Who Used Plastic Bag Instead Of Condom!

    Okay, there is a lot more!

    It Can Be Used As A Vaginal Icepack!

    Whoever could think of this idea, must be somebody who is either very creative or has a quirky taste in experimenting things! For most of us, this seems to be the most bizarre trick, but this trick has been there for the longest time on the internet. If you don't believe us, then google the frozen condom trick. Filling the condoms with water and freeze it and use it during the discomfort down there, which can be a perfect solution, as the shape of the condom fits in properly between the thighs.

    To Open Jars!

    This is the weirdest thing that you can try with the condoms! It is so useful that some pro jar openers even recommend cutting condoms into rubber band-style strips. You can use them to open stubborn jars that refuse to budge. For this, you need to make sure that the condoms are lube-free. If you don't have them, then you can always wash off the lubricant from the condoms and use them!

    To Waterproof Your Phone!

    Sure, this trick sounds crazy, but you can use a condom to waterproof your phone. We bet, it actually has its benefits, as it is way too cheaper when compared to buying waterproof cases and you can still text and scroll stuff when it is on. Wait, did you clear the lube from the condom before you had it on as a case?

    To Make Wine!

    Can you beat this! Condoms can be used in the process of wine making as well! A man named Estevez who is also known as master brain uses condoms in wineries and he is known to fill the glass jars with grapes, ginger and hibiscus. Then, he slips a condom over each glass neck and this starts the process of fermentation. When the gases are released during the fermentation, it reveals that the fermentation is done and the wine is ready to serve!

    It Can Be Used As A Fire Starter!

    Do not be shocked! But this is a fact as condoms can start a fire when it is used in a right way! Wondering how? Well, when you hit a condom full or dry leaves and twigs with an open flame, it will burn instantly. This is mainly because the condoms are believed to be flammable!

    So, if you know any other bizarre way of using condoms, then let us know in the comment section below!

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    Story first published: Monday, April 16, 2018, 19:07 [IST]
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