Women In China Are Up To Renting Fake Boyfriends; Reason Will Leave You Shocked!

The pressure of getting married is something that takes a toll in every girl's life. Being married, settling down with a child or two is what the world still expects the woman to do.

But in China, things are changing and some changes are a proof on how liberal the world is becoming.

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Here, we are revealing about the concept of hiring a fake boyfriend! Women in China are hiring fake boyfriends to introduce to their families and friends, while the man is secretly paid for the task.

Find out more details of the same...

It All Started...

Hiring a fake boyfriend concept started when women who turned into their late 20s were pressurized by their families to get married and settle. Despite being successful at work and being independent, women were forced to get married for the sake of society! Thus, this started as a move to escape from being asked about their personal life. Hence, the concept of faking boyfriend started.

The Term "Leftover Woman"

According to sources, the term 'Leftover Woman' was first coined by the Chinese Women's Federation in 2007. It was used to describe young females in their late 20s who had not been married yet.

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But Was It Even Needed?

This was a perfect option for single women who were visiting their parents and needed to fake their relationship status, as women who were single and yet in their late 20s were then labeled by the society as "leftovers".

Weddings In China

Weddings in China had less to do with romantic love, and more with filial duty and societal stability. A woman in her late 20's is pressurized by the family members to get married and settle in life. Hence, the option of hiring a boyfriend seemed to be a perfect option for such women.

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During The Holiday Seasons, The Business Is At Its Peak

During the holiday season, the business of hiring fake boyfriends is at its peak, since many single girls visit their parents. They take the fake boyfriends along and introduce their family and friends to them.

This Deal Comes With A Clause Though!

Wait! Hold on! The deal of getting a fake boyfriend comes with a clause though, as the men are not allowed to kiss or touch the girl until she allows him to.

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The Sites Had To Be Shut Down

With the rapid growth of career-oriented women hiring fake boyfriends, the sites offering the services had to be shut down, yet it is reported that people still use the service illegally and men are highly paid for this service.

What Do You Think?

Do you think the idea of faking relationships with family is the new cool thing? Let us know your take on such ideas in the comment section below.

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