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What! This Baby Grew A Fang Tooth Overnight!

Imagine waking up and finding a bizarre growth in your body that seemed to appear overnight! Sounds strange, right?

This is what happened in this case when an 11-month old toddler had a strange fang tooth growth overnight.

His case shocked not only the poor mother but also the medics as they were confused if the tooth was for real. Check out the details of the bizarre incident.


The Incident Happened In Ireland

Little Oscar O'Byrne hails from Drogheda, Ireland. He shocked his mum Tara when she had a regular check on him, and she discovered that he'd sprouted a giant spiked tooth overnight.

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He Was Crying More Than Usual

During the day, when Tara tried giving little Oscar a soother, he was crying non-stop, and she checked on him to feed and realised that Oscar had grown a sharp spiked tooth.


She Rushed Him To The Doctor

She took him to the doctor, and the medics were confused and were debating what the fang tooth was like, and they were wondering on how they could treat her little boy.


The Dentist Removed The Tooth

Tara took her son to another hospital where the dentist removed the teeth. But something went wrong during the procedure as the suction process caused the tooth to go up the baby's nose. But he was okay, and the tooth was removed.

Though the confusion still remained if it was a tooth growth or something else, we will let you wonder.

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