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    Are You Single? Now You Can Rent A Girlfriend For 10 Rs Here!!

    Single Boys न हों निराश, 10 रुपये में Rent पर पाएं Beautiful Girlfriend | वनइंडिया हिन्दी

    If you have been a loner who wishes to spend some good time with a partner or a friend, but are an introvert, it can make it difficult for you to approach any person. But what happens when you get an opportunity to spend some good time with a beautiful young girl at the cost of just 10 Rs?

    Sounds to be something impossible right? Well, here is some good news for all the shy lads who have been longing to make their social networking site rich by posting pictures with young, beautiful girls of their choice!

    Rent A Girlfriend For Just 10RS NOW!

    Wondering what? Then find out below, as we reveal the details of this interesting concept of hiring a girlfriend for the cost of just 10 bucks!

    They Met At A Sex Change Clinic And Are All Set To Marry

    This Interesting Place Is In China!

    Well, this may disappoint many, as the place is in South China's Guangdong Province, where a shopping complex named "The Vitality City in Heyuan City" has a store that has a number of beautiful young girls and models who stand like a podium in the store.

    The Concept Of The Shop!

    Here, the men are allowed to select the one woman that they'd like and wish to take along as their girlfriend by paying only 10 Rs for 20 minutes. Imagine, all it takes is just 10 Rs. cool, isn't it?

    More About The Golden Offer!

    To avail this "Golden Offer," all that a guy needs to do is scan a QR code on the chosen girl's mobile phone and pay the price! And once the QR code is scanned, the girl can accompany the man in the mall and he could take her around the stores and even carry her shopping bags, if asked to do so. The men renting these girls could even ask them out on a lunch or date. If anyone wants to continue further after completing the 20 minutes, the fee amount has to be paid again.

    But Hey, There Is A Catch!

    But taking out the girl with you is not that easy, as there is a catch! Here, the men who avail the offer can only take the girl in the premises of the shopping complex. Apart from this, there is no touching that is allowed without the lady's consent.

    Insane! Love-making Dolls Are Like A Family Here!

    So Are You Ready?

    So let us know if you are planning to head to the Vitality City shopping complex of China to rent a girlfriend for as low as Rs 10!

    For more such interesting and viral stories, keep checking our section, as we bring in the most bizarre stories from across the world!

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