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    Most Bizarre Drinks That People Actually Consume!

    Every time you visit a new place, you tend to explore the local delicacies. Understanding about the ingredients is quite important before you place your order and here we reveal to you the reason for the same!

    People from across the world have come up with the most bizarre mixture of drinks just because it's a bit different.

    bizarre drinks

    There are some of the most bizarre drinks that people from across the world try. These dishes/drinks are believed to have their own health benefits as well.

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    Check out the Most Bizarre Drinks from Across the World

    The Placenta Drink!

    Placenta drink is one of the bizarre inventions of the Japanese! This drink is made of pig placenta! This is a jelly drink with the placenta in it. Since the researchers had revealed that placenta is believed to have regenerative properties, it makes one more beautiful and it also helps with one's diet as well. It is believed to be quite an expensive drink, but the question is, would you dare to try this?

    Milk+Beer= BILK!

    A local brewery in Hokkaido, Japan, has apparently been famous for selling a low-malt beer using milk. The brewery is said to produce this unique drink using the discarded milk and mixing it along with beer. On the other hand, the taste of the beer is like a taste of fruits and it seems to go well with sweets.

    Bull Testicle Beer

    Colorado brewery in the US has gone one step ahead by using bull testicles to make beer! The company is a small-batch firm, where the artisans brew the drink with 25 lb of sliced and roasted bull testicles.

    The Lizard Wine

    Lizard wine tastes a lot like brandy and is said to improve eyesight and fend off evil spirits. Though the idea seems to be a little disgusting, it is very popular in China. The drink is made by adding ginseng and Geko lizards into a clay vat, full of fermenting rice wine. After a year, the entire mixture is strained and green liquor is obtained. And alas, your lizard wine is ready!

    Baby Mouse Wine

    Last but not the least, in this list of bizarre drinks we have the baby mouse wine! This drink is considered a cure for almost everything under the sun in Korea and China. It is prepared by drowning a bunch of baby mice in vats full of rice wine. Apparently, the mice must be more than two days old, to ensure the drink ends up being fur-free. It is said that the mixture should be stored in a dark, dry space for about a year before it can be consumed.

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    So, what is the most bizarre drink that you have heard of? Let us know in the comment section below.

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