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WTF! A Woman's Tongue Became 'Pregnant' After She Ate Squid Sperm!

Can you imagine on what can be your worst nightmare when you eat raw seafood? Well, nothing can beat this bizarre case doing rounds on the internet.

This is the case of a woman who was believed to have been impregnated with the squid sperm, when she ate it raw!

Well, this can definitely bring down your taste if you have been a seafood lover!

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Find out more about the details of this bizarre case...

About The Bizarre Case...

A 63-year-old woman's tongue is said to have become 'pregnant' after the sperm from a raw squid she was eating ended up in her mouth, according to a medical journal.

It Was Revealed...

Apparently, the woman, from South Korea, was left with severe pain after the squid injected sperm into the tissues of her mouth and it was revealed that she had to be rushed to a hospital.

On Examination, The Doctors Found

When the doctors examined her mouth, they got a shock of their lives, as they found '12 small, white spindle-shaped, bug like' sperm bags, which had apparently been embedded in her tongue and gums as she chew the raw calamari.

The Foreign Bodies Were Identified As...

According to the reports, the foreign bodies were identified as squid spermatophores, which are sperm-containing capsules. It was revealed that she had not removed the internal organs of the squid and then had just parboiled it before consumption.

The Reality

Apparently, this case had appeared in 2012, where the reality is absolutely revolting. The woman had bit into an undercooked squid, and she experienced a sharp pain and wriggling sensation in her mouth.

The Term Impregnate

The term "Impregnate", which was used in the story that was published, caused a lot of chaos amidst the readers. The fact about the term meant that successful fertilisation has already taken place where the sperm meets with the egg and an embryo is seen developing. But this did not happen in this case. There was no impregnation, no pregnancy, and no baby squid.

This Is What The Social Media Revealed

A famous debunking site revealed, 'For a number of scientific reasons (a human woman's mouth is not the same as a female squid egg), these sperms never developed into baby squids.' Because the squid sperm needs the egg of a female to fertilise and grow into baby squids, no impregnation took place during the encounter.

So for those who panicked initially, you can take a break now, as this case was nothing but a HOAX!

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Story first published: Thursday, June 7, 2018, 20:15 [IST]
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