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    Mum Spends $10K On A Doll That Looks Like A Baby Werewolf

    Werewolves themselves look so creepy, imagine coming across a werewolf doll which is given the treatment of a HUMAN!

    Sounds crazy, right? But there is a couple out there who love their werewolf doll so much that they take it to even their holiday trips!

    A Mum Who Spent $10K On A Doll

    Imagine the woman spending over $10k On Tiffany Jewellery for her baby werewolf doll and the most exciting fact is that the werewolf doll alone is not the only weird looking doll the woman possesses, as there are many such others in her closet!

    Check them all in this video!

    Insane! Love-making Dolls Are Like A Family Here!

    Find out more details about the bizarre werewolf who is treated as a human here!

    The Woman Is An Internet Sensation Currently!

    The 53-year-old married woman named Yvette Soloman became an internet sensation after her approximate expenses crossed $10k for the jewellery she'd spent on just for the sake of her werewolf doll!

    The History About The Doll!

    The werewolf doll named Elias Soloman has grabbed all the attention of the netizens for its lavish lifestyle. Elias has been counted up for its unusual treatment received from its owner. The doll is said to be the offspring of the world-famous "family" of baby werewolves from Asia Eriksen!

    About Her Special Doll!

    Elias Soloman, the werewolf doll, is pampered in such a great way that even humans would feel jealous of the treatment it receives. The doll has officially visited Disneyland and also skied on a cruise liner apart from visiting several capitals of the world with his "mom".

    Elias' Lifestyle

    Even though Elias is just a werewolf doll, he has decorations from Tiffany, a vintage baby stroller, different designer clothes and toys. Well, Elias is already the 7th doll from the "WerePups" series that Yvette has since the rest of the dolls are just a part of her hobby collection. On the other hand, this hairy and clawed werewolf doll is her unconditional pet. She claims that she can go to great lengths to keep it happy!

    What Made Her Pick This Bizarre-looking Doll

    When one sees the special treatment a doll receives, it will make them go green with envy. But the fact seems to move one emotionally, as Yvette had visited an exhibition of accessories for horror films, with her friends and this is where she had initially seen the strange-looking hairy werewolf doll! This was the time when she was treated for breast cancer. By then she had undergone a severe chemotherapy and lost all of her hair.

    Strangest Uses Of Sex Dolls

    She Found Herself In The Doll!

    The strange fact is that she saw herself in the peculiar-looking doll which was bald with sad eyes. The emotional coincidence was so bright that the woman burst into tears and begged her friends to get her the doll, as she firmly believed that it must be with her.

    Her Friends Wanted To Distract Her

    Her friends dragged her to the exhibition to distract her from all the evil thoughts, and that is when she met the werewolf Elias, after which there was no looking back.

    Surprisingly, Her State Has Improved!

    It is surprisingly strange to note that Yvette's affairs have gone better since the time she has adopted Elias, as she is often seen focusing on caring for Elias.

    In The End, She Loves Her Dolls!

    It is strange to see Yvette express her love and passion while she handles all of her dolls and treats them as no less than a human!

    Would You Wish To Have Any One Of Those Dolls?

    Let us know in the comment section below. And for more exciting stories, check our section!

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