Meet The Woman Who Wants To Be The Mother Of Her Dead Boyfriend's Child

By Shibu Purushothaman

Some love stories remain eternal, leaving us with sentimental feelings after reading it. History has been filled with thousands and lakhs of love stories and it looks like nothing has changed!

As we believe, love is the most powerful sword which can manage to create miracle every minute. Lovers have always been treasured who succeeded in changing the history in the past with love. One among the love stories that left the internet divided is that of Joshua Davies and Ayla Cresswell.

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Ayla Cresswell, the loving girlfriend is fighting against the court to get a permission to become a mother of her dead boyfriend. In the case of its first kind, the US Supreme court will judge if a 24-year-old woman can use the sperm of her dead lover to get a baby!

Read below to know more about this heart-touching love story...


As Per The Reports...

According to the reports published on a leading daily, it is said that Joshua Davies, boyfriend of the 24-year-old Ayla Cresswell died suddenly in August 2016. An hour after death, the girlfriend rushed to the court in order to get the permission to use the sperm of her dead boyfriend.

The US Supreme Court has finally granted permission to Ayla Cresswell to use the sperm of her lover and dead boyfriend, Joshua Davies. The court instructed that the process will be carried at an IVF clinic. Before granting the permission, the judge heard that Ayla had full support of her parents and blessing of Joshua's family as well.


This Is What Both The Families Even Wanted

Not only Ayla, but members of both the families wanted the court to grant them permission to access over the sperm of Joshua. Many friends and relatives of both, Ayla and Joshua provided enough proof to the court that shortly before Joshua's death he expressed his wish to have a baby with Ayla. He wanted to get married to Ayla and settle down soon.


She Wanted The Baby As Per Her Boyfriend's Wish...

Here is what Ayla said to the justice in the court, "Joshua told me that he was very excited at the prospect of being a father, and we often talked about having children, and the effect it would have on our lives."

"It is my honest belief that this is what Joshua would have wanted," is what she said.


This Case Had A Few Mixed Responses...

This story divided the internet into two, as few of them wanted the court to give her the rights while another set of people disagreed. Ayla convinced the court as well as others with her honest belief of having a kid with the harvested sperm of her dead boyfriend. Justice Sue Brown had taken a lot of time to analyse this story in detail and finally granted an access to the loving girlfriend.

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The Final Decision...

Although the baby would not enjoy the benefit of having a father, the court was convinced that the baby may get a lot of support and unconditional love from the maternal and paternal sides. Although court has given permission to use the sperm of her dead boyfriend, there is one more decision pending from the court.


Another Decision That Is Pending...

The US Supreme Court is yet to give a decision if Ayla can use the body tissues of Joshua or not. Ayla said that she is ready to file the petition again if the court does not grant her the permission to do so. Joshua's family was extremely happy after Ayla got the permission to use the harvested sperm.

They expressed their happiness by showing love for Ayla. Although Joshua is not in this world, both the families believe that Ayla will take care of the baby. The couple was in a 2-year relationship before Joshua died last year in a fatal accident.

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