What Does Your Handwriting Reveal About You!

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As the famous sentence goes, "The pen is mightier than a sword," there is a deep meaning to this. Who knew that a person's personality can be judged by having a look at their handwriting? If you would like to know what your handwriting tells about your personality, continue reading.

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Analysing and judging a person's personality by looking at their handwriting is not rocket science, as it requires very less knowledge and we are here to share that with you all!

Check out as to how easily you can judge a person's personality and their character based on their writing style.

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We bet, most of the readers can easily relate to the descriptions provided below, as they seem to be quite accurate, at least when we checked. Read on.


What's The Size Of Your Letters?

Small: You have good concentration, narrow perspective on life and have an ability to focus on your goals.

Large: You have a broad perspective on life and you do not get bored easily. You also have a need for recognition.


How Much Pressure Do You Exert While Writing?

Heavy: You are a deeply emotional person.

Light: You're not emotionally expressive.


How Much Space Do You Put In Between The Letters?

Less: You are not very good in managing time.

Even: You are sorted in life and have a great mental clarity apart from a good sense of order.

Wide: You like freedom and do not like to be overwhelmed. You love your space.


Which Way Does Your Handwriting Slant?

Left: You are an introvert and like to be independent.

Right: You are more likely to relate well to others, but may be subjected to mood swings.

Straight: You control your emotions really well and rarely show them out. Rational thought overrules your emotions.

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What Direction Does Your Sentences Take?

Upward: You are optimistic and sport a happy mood all the time.

Downward: It may indicate a sign of discouragement or fatigue.

Wavy: Writing in this direction indicates that you do not have a stable mind.


How Do You Connect Your Letters?

Connected: You are logical, methodical and take decisions rationally.

Not Connected: You are intelligent and intuitive.


How Do You Do Your “i”?

Playful: This indicates that you have a playful, creative mind and like to stand out.

Clutter: You do not like clutter and pay attention to detail.


How Do You Cross Your “t”?

High Cross: You have set high self-esteem and standards for yourself and usually aim higher than the others.

Low Cross: You have very low self-esteem and set your goals lower than what you should actually aim for.

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