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What Does Your Bra Reveal About You

From the way we dress up to the way in which we carry ourselves, it can reveal a lot about our personality. But did you know that the choice of undergarments can also reveal a lot about you? Well, it does!

Here, are some of the details on the choice of bra a girl selects for herself and how it can reveal a lot about her personality!

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Check out some of these interesting facts about the selection of the type of bra or the colour of bra and how these minute details could actually reveal about your personality and how it affects the same...


When You Opt For Nude And Neutral Colours

Women who choose these colours leave a little for the imagination, as they are natural beauties. Their characteristics include modesty, being practical, and they also love things that are natural and pure.


When You Opt For Lace And Bold Prints

Women who opt for these types of bras are the life of any party. The choice of bra expresses the most extroverted side of their personality, even when they do not wish to flaunt it!


The Black Bra

Women who love their black bra are always ready for anything! They are those types of savvy business women who never mix business and pleasure.

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Sports Bra

Women who use these types of bra are generally strong and independent by nature. They can handle tough times all by themselves. These types of women are always on their toes and busy as well.


Going Braless!

Women who love to go bare are the best types of women. They go against the norms that have been set by the society. They love to enjoy the freedom of simply being by themselves.

So, ladies, which type of a personality do you have? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, February 20, 2017, 16:53 [IST]