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Chilling Video Of Dad Swinging Baby Like A Ragdoll!

Leaving kids alone with a single parent can be dangerous at times, especially with a few dads who are yet to accept their role as a DAD in kid's life!

The video in the article might leave many disturbed; but it makes us wonder as to how could a dad swing his baby in air like a ragdoll!

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This is a case of a dad who is seen playing with his 4-month-old toddler like a ragdoll...

Check out on what exactly happened...


In The Video…

In the video, the Ukrainian dad is seen in a wooded area, swinging his four-month-old daughter around by her legs and arms just like a ragdoll and he claims that he can hear 'her bones popping'.


He Explains Why He Is Doing So…

He claimed that the toddler was apparently feeling good. The dad went on to explain that he was trying to show that his baby is 'at one with nature' by showing off 'gymnastics from ancient times!'


The Video Went Viral…

The shocking video of the man throwing his baby around like a ragdoll has sparked outrage after being posted online. People were not happy with the way the helpless toddler was seen in her dad's arms, while he was tossing her in all possible directions.


She Squealed, He Did Not Stop…

In the 2-minute video clip, he began to swirl the baby around his head, ignoring her frightened squeals. He is then seen looking at the camera and telling: "Astronauts do this exercise during their training."


She Was Literally A Ragdoll In His Hand!

At another point, he even begins to swing the tiny tot from one side to another with one hand while saying: "Now let's work with shoulders and her grip to make them stronger."

The Video

What do you think about this crazy dad? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Friday, September 22, 2017, 12:23 [IST]
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