The Unsolved Mysteries Of 2016!

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There are many mysteries in the world. Some get solved and some remain like a mystery unsolved.

Here, we are about to share the list of some of the unsolved mysteries of 2016. These are the mysteries that have been doing the rounds; and the interesting thing about these mysteries is that they are unsolved and researchers have not been successful in finding out the answers to them yet.

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Check out these interesting mysteries that may even confuse your brain! These mysteries are totally creepy and weird to the core. Read on to know more.

unsolved mysteries of 2016

Evil Clowns
There were many cases of clowns being sighted in the US in 2016. The hysteria reached such heights that people had stopped going out of their houses due to the fear of sighting clowns. Till date, there is no concrete explanation to know the real motive of these evil clowns.

unsolved mysteries of 2016

Swastika Pattern In Kazakhstan
A Swastika pattern had mysteriously appeared over the map of Kazakhstan and showed up in Google maps. The strangest thing about this mystery is it suddenly disappeared as well!

Dying Antelopes
Around 1,20,000 antelopes had died in just a single month in 2016! According to reports, there is no concrete reason for their death.

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unsolved mysteries of 2016

Boats Full Of Corpses
In the last few years, there have been reports of hundreds of boats appearing off the coast of Japan. The strangest thing about these boats is that it contains corpses.

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