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    Meet The Girl With The Longest Legs!

    A California-based college student who is also a part-time model has a serious leg up on her competition. She claims that she has the longest legs in America and she recently won the title from Holly Brunt, after she broke her record with just 0.9 inches!

    Being tall has its own flaws and advantages and who better than Chase Kennedy knows about this!

    From struggling to lead a regular life to being restricted with her travel plans, she has a lot to adjust to!

    Check out on more details of her daily life...


    She Was Bullied Since Her Childhood

    Since Chase was a little kid, she faced a lot of bullying. Her friends nicknamed her ‘Giraffe' and ‘Legs'. She revealed that dating had always been difficult because of her height, as men are intimidated by her height.


    The Previous Record Holder

    According to sources, the current US record holder for the longest legs was held by Holly Burt whose legs measure 49.5 inches! She claims that in her entire schooling, she was bullied and even named as "daddy long legs".

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    As A Kid, She Always Wished To…

    As a child, she always wished to be smaller, as her classmates would bully and tease her. But as she grew up and gained confidence, she seemed to be more than just happy with her height.


    She Was 6'1” When She Was Just 13!

    When Chase started her high school at the age of 13 years, she was already measuring 6'1", which was above the height of the average adult man! Dating had become very difficult for her, as men were intimidated by her height and she towered over a lot of them.


    Dating Has Never Been Easy!

    Being so tall, she revealed that she would not date men who are below 6.1, as it becomes difficult for her. She is currently in a relationship with a 6'4" man named Jason.


    Getting Work Has Not Been So Easy For Her…

    She revealed that the modelling agencies in America have a height limit for models of 5'11" or maximum 6 feet. Apparently, she would go to these agencies and was shown the door, yet this did not dampen her free spirits.

    Her Disorder Did Not Stop Her From Becoming Famous!


    She Loves Herself

    Despite being bullied through her teen years, Chase revealed that she is proud of her legs and she would not want anything different about herself. She further added, "I believe I hold the record for America's longest legs and I love being tall."

    We wish her the best in life!

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