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What The Different Bindis, Tattoos And Logo Designs Mean In The Movie Baahubali?

Baahubali is a movie that is making the Indian cinema proud all over the world by collecting over 1000+ Crore in just a span of 10 days!

This movie has not only set a benchmark for the Indian cinema with a perfect execution of VFX, but it is also making a big name world over across several countries.

This article is all about the hidden meaning behind the tattoos, bindi designs and the logos that were used in the movie for each character.

Come let us check out what each design signifies about the nature of the different characters in the movie Baahubali.


Bijjaladeva – His Bindi Design: “Trishulam”

According to the Hindu mythology, a Trident is said to be a symbol of the three gunas that are mentioned in the Indian Vedic philosophy, namely Sattvika, Rajasika, and Tamasika. These gunas are the quality of imbalance, disorder, chaos and anxiety; and this is what defined Bijjaladeva!


Sivagami – Her Bindi Design: “Full Moon”

A full moon bindi on her forehead illustrated the dynamic nature of hers. The bindi also represents different qualities like equality, boldness, courageous, caring and powerful. All in all, it defines her so well!


Amarendra Baahubali – His Bindi Design: “Half Moon”

A half moon symbol is considered to be sacred by most of the existing religions in the world. This character is admired to the core by the people of Maahishmati and his kind, balanced, and cool behaviour makes him favourite of the lot.


Kaala Bhairava – His Bindi Design: “Half Moon”

This character also flaunted the same bindi design as well.


Devasena – Her Bindi Design: “Gender Equality”

This challenging role of Devasena, where she is seen to be at loggerheads with the most powerful Sivagami had this bindi design. Her bindi resembles a fusion of Male and Female gender symbols!


Bhallaladeva – His Bindi Design: “Rising Sun”

Bhallaladeva, the antagonist of the entire movie Baahubali, has a rising sun bindi on his forehead. The logic of using this bindi defines that even though the Sun is roughly middle-aged; it has not changed dramatically and it will be the same in a billion more years to come.


Mahendra Baahubali – His Bindi Design: “Serpent and Conch Shell”

This bindi symbolises the love of Mahendra towards the almighty. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and the bindi defines it all completely.


Kattappa – His Bindi Design: “Loyal Slave”

Does this bindi of Kattappa need any explanation? It completely defines his character, where his loyalty is seen towards the throne of Maahishmathi in various situations of this magnum opus story. The tattoo on his forehead shows his slavery and helplessness.


The Maahishmathi Logo!

A strict hierarchy is maintained in the kingdom of Maahishmathi. A hierarchy pyramid is also seen at the center of the logo. This type of design is used to safeguard the kingdom from its enemies by armed professionals. There are horses also that are seen on either of its sides!


Kunthala King – His Bindi Design: “Black Mark”

His character seems to be on a mission and the black mark is a way to avenge the wrongs done to his family.


Avanthika – Her Bindi Design: “Black Spear Tip”

She is ideally a woman who is on a mission. The whole purpose of her life is to achieve the freedom of Devasena. She has turned herself into a weapon for this sole purpose.


Bhadra – His Bindi Design: “Bull”

His bindi symbolises the authority, aggressiveness and dominance that define his personality. This symbol can also mean stubbornness.


The Love Tattoos

These tattoos are just perfectly synchronised. It symbolises as to how two bodies finally meet into one soul. The colour combination used is interesting here and it makes the tattoo look highly attractive and pleasing.

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