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Bizarre School Where Teachers Teach In Bikini!

With each passing day, and seeing the latest news, we can realise only one thing and that is - the world is turning more bizarre day by day. Who could have imagined that a school where kids are taught can be turned into a dance bar to celebrate the birthday of the village head?

Or something really bizarre where teachers only wear a bikini while teaching students at a school? Well, this may sound unbelievable, but it is true!

Apparently, there is a school in China where teachers do not wear any formal dress in class and are always seen wearing a bikini. This school has become too popular since its female teachers started teaching in a bikini.

Find out more about this strange school.


It Is An Online School!

This bizarre online school is named ‘', where teachers in a bikini teach a language called "Mandarin" to the kids. The school is getting a very good response because of its teachers. Well, quite obvious!


The School Started In 2011

According to the records, the school was started in 2011 with a motto of ‘learning Mandarin in an unconventional way'. Apparently, when the school started, it did not receive a good response, but eventually, the school became popular on the internet and since then the teachers started to teach in a bikini during the online classes.


The First Chapter Was All About…

The first lesson of this school is entitled as, ‘What time is it?' This chapter was hosted by two lingerie-wearing models. The lesson has received over 300,000 hits. The duo make pillow talk, while grappling each other on a bed during the online session.


Strange Lessons Follow…

What confuses the learners is the lesson 3 of this strange school syllabus, which is all about the cooking vocabulary, where a model is seen sucking suggestively on a lime. While in another chapter, the female teachers can be seen cleaning a black London cab with foamy sponges!


It Was Started By…

Apparently, the website was set up by a woman named Kaoru Kikuchi, who is an architecture graduate from the University of Nottingham. She said that her project aimed to make Chinese language Mandarin more accessible to the common man. According to the founder, this website is a hit in America, as the people there are really happy learning Chinese in this way. The project will mark a great success with this new experiment.


It Is Being Criticised As Well

Though the online school is getting popularity, it has been criticised by some of the feminists in China as well, who are seen slamming about the school on all social platforms. These Chinese feminists say "" is nothing but "exoticized" Chinese women!

What is your take on this? Do share your thoughts on the same.

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