Scary Ultrasound Scans That Can Give You Goosebumps

When a woman realizes she is pregnant, she connects to the unborn child instantly. The span of waiting for the new member in the family seems to be the longest.

Amidst all the happiness around, when the woman goes in for her ultrasound, she would surely be nervous. But what happens if a little monster is captured during the scans?

Sounds scary, right? Here are some of the ultrasound images which will make you realize that even a tiny cute foetus can look really SCARY!

Check them out...


Picture# 1 The Alien Baby!

Does this child look exactly like an alien or is it a real alien baby? Well, the time would only reveal the real baby! We hope it comes in peace. Once the family realized the weirdness in the picture, it went viral!


Picture# 2 Is It Looking Here?

Is the baby a poser even before being born? Well, looks like he/she is surely one, as you can see the foetus pose like a pro! Those haunting eyes will surely not let many sleep in peace!


Picture#3 The Baby Is All Over!

Saw a baby much? Seems like this baby is all set to come out into the world, as he/she looks really huge. But we wonder why there's such a scary expression!


Picture#4 The Poser!

This baby sure must be a born poser and learnt it in the womb! Check out on these two different ultrasounds, where he is freaking us out with his mouth open in one of the scans and closing the mouth in the other! We bet, the little one knew he was being clicked!


Picture#5 The Skeleton Baby!

This can freak us to the core, but it raises the question of the ultrasound being real or fake! What do you think? Is the picture real of fake? Keep reading and go ahead and check the next one...


Picture#6 Where Is The Baby?

When you look at the picture, it seems it is a hollow scan result. But take a closer look at the picture, and see how scary the foetus is making its presence felt!


Picture#7 Halloween Baby

This baby picture looks like the unborn is sleeping on a bed and it's time for it to wake up! The perfect look slowly creeps us out, as it looks like it is stretching its arms for us! Damn! If this did not scare you, then check for the next one...


Picture#8 The Tricky Baby Picture!

This picture looks so scary! But it is a trick on how the photographer is holding the scan results. It makes the foetus look like a scary skeleton baby!

If you got scared seeing these images, then let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Saturday, December 16, 2017, 13:36 [IST]
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