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    Witty Sassy Comebacks To All Annoying Sexist Things, We Woman Are So Sick Of Hearing

    By Neddhi Gandhi

    We all come across people in our lives who sometimes intentionally try to hurt us and our feelings, either physically or verbally. At times, harsh words can prick one and let down a person to a great extent.

    There is a set of disgusting people who make sexiest comments intentionally. The saddest part is that they are least bothered about the emotions of that person whom they intentionally or unintentionally target.

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    And we are sure that every woman might have faced such annoying people. You must have all at some time for sure wondered - what best could be done to such people?! Isn't it!!

    We, at Boldsky, simply say - give back, as it's time you vent out all the emotions and get to feel better. Check out for these amazing comebacks, which will help you the next time you come across people of such nature.


    1. #Sexism: You are too thin for me!!

    #Me: That could never be a part of your business.
    Oh, my dear poor jobless thing.


    2. #Sexism: You are getting irritated easily today, are you on periods?!

    #Me: Yes, do you mind if I bleed. I will make sure you bleed if you don't disappear right away!
    Does it really matter? You nasty little thing, move before I punch on your nose and you start bleeding.

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    3. #Sexism: You look better to me without glasses

    #Me: Thanks, but no thanks, if you felt your opinion matters to me - but sadly, I give a damn!
    I am better when I remove my glasses that I don't get to see you!


    4. #Sexism: Hey beautiful, what would be your favourite position tonight

    #Me: Where I can myself kick on your bu** daily!
    Yes I will screw happiness!


    5. #Sexism: Woman should be seen not heard!!

    #Me: And so sexist should not be allowed to live.
    You better die and stay in hell!


    6. #Sexism: You look better with makeup.

    #Me: You are better with mouth shut.
    Please shut up, I have no f***'s to give!


    7. #Sexism: When are you getting married and have kids?!

    #Me: As soon as Varun Dhawan calls me back!!
    Hope you got it well at least now.


    8. #Sexism: Woman’s place is in the kitchen.

    #Me: So, is a Knife's place, Oh wait, let me grab one.
    Before I pierce the sharpest knife in you!


    9. #Sexism: I see a woman to be a despo, when she makes first moves.

    #Me: Die single, dude.
    Would you really mind dying single?! Creep.


    10. #Sexism: You seem to be married and still wearing such modern outfits?!

    #Me: Seems like you belong to the caveman's era.
    You seem to act so much like - I have used your wallet to get my stuff. Would be better if you mind your own business.


    11. #Sexism: Your sexy legs would look even better in high heels.

    #Me: Those heels will even look good when I crash them on your face or may be on your balls!
    Such a creep you are!


    12. #Sexism: Women bosses ugh, they are the worst they can manage home better not office.

    #Me: Why they are worst may be because they know how to kick on your bu** and get all the work done perfectly from creeps like you!

    Instead of remaining ground and surprised with your eyebrows raised to the sexiest comment, it is time to give it back. Don't think of it - the next time you get across a terrible sexiest, give it back that it slams on the face right!!

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    Story first published: Wednesday, December 6, 2017, 20:35 [IST]
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