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Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

Personality is basically who we are and what we identify with as 'self'. There are many factors that influence our characteristics.

At the time of our birth, the planets, the moon and the sun are said to form a unique position, thus shaping our personality. This affects our relationships and daily life.

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Learning about zodiac signs can expand our awareness and deepen our understanding of ourselves.

There are a few negative traits that each zodiac sign has. These negative traits are unique and peculiar, as they are specific and common for the people belonging to each zodiac sign.

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Check these out.



They have a fiery temper and they tend to hurry to do things. They tend to get impatient before deciding on something. They often possess a strong and powerful character, or even dominant nature, which can turn into possessiveness. Impatience can also block their way to success.


People of this zodiac get possessive and jealous. They need security and stability in their relationships. They also love materialistic things, which can get them into trouble at times. They can also be painfully stubborn, and at times, irrationally persistent.


They often show duality, which is characterised by prominent inconstancy in their personality. They are also prone to mood swings and often face conflicts between the emotions and intellect.


Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Even though they try to look hard from the outside, they are actually deeply sensitive by their nature. Their mood swings can depend on anything - from location to people - around them. They can also get carried away by negative feelings and become depressed easily.


People of this sign have a dominating nature and a strong character. Their need for ruling and being in the limelight can be problematic. They tend to become possessive. They also tend to be arrogant and high minded.


They can't ignore faults or mistakes and at times they can be judgmental. They tend to be negative in their approach to things in general. They have strong likes and dislikes and these two characteristics together can make them quite fussy.


The biggest weakness of the Libra-born people is that they are indecisive. When they are asked to make a concrete decision, they are even more hesitant, as it is the hardest for them. They are also prone to changing their minds often. Librans can have contradictory personalities.


They can be revengeful and can lose their temper if somebody truly gets in their way. They can hold grudges for a long time and strike back at the very moment when they are given an opportunity. Their possessiveness can make their relationships destructive, making life difficult for them and their partners as well.


They are too harsh and brutal to the point that hurts others. They don't handle commitment well, but they can make loyal friends and lovers. They are also changing and unpredictable by nature. They need to learn how to be more tactful.


Capricorn guys should learn to respect the way of others because there is more than one way of doing things. They set their own rules and they do not like to take instructions from others. They also have a tendency to become pessimistic at times.


Aquarius is often distant and aloof. They can be single minded, as they live their life and do their things the way they want. They often have hidden feelings and they are definitely not the "too-emotional" types. They can also be quite rebellious at times.


They are often indecisive and they don't know what they want. They also live in an imaginary world. They are prone to addictions, as they do not want to face the truth and reality.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 22:29 [IST]
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