What Women Desire According To Their Zodiac

All women desire to have a perfect life partner. This is a common thing, but have you realised that these desires are at times related to our zodiac signs?

Well, according to astrology, it is believed that a woman's desires and likes are based on her zodiac sign as well.

Each zodiac sign defines this trait of a woman and getting to know about what women want can be easier by knowing what her zodiac sign suggests.

So, check on the hidden things that a woman does not reveal all the time about her desires and these are based according to her zodiac sign.


All About The Aries Woman

A woman of this zodiac sign desires for a best friend, who would be her greatest confidante and a true lover. She wishes to be herself in her lover's company. Endless chats about anything and everything under the sun is what she dreams of. But, that's how the Aries girl is. She loves doing silly things around her partner and this may look very childish to her partner, but she enjoys it this way.

All About The Taurus Woman

A Taurus girl loves to share her life with the world. She is an ideal lover who loves sharing everything on her social media. She loves to show off about her relationship. She finds her happiness in letting the world know that she is in a perfect relationship. And, of course, she makes sure that her lover is worthy of all this publicity.

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All About The Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman is known for her passionate nature and she can be impractical and inconsistent at times. There are times when she tends to run away from her love life if she gets bored. She craves for her man's attention. Her partner should be interesting enough to keep their relationship full of life.

All About The Cancer Woman

A Cancerian woman looks for trust from her partner. She does not expect her man to share all the secrets with her right away. She is believed to be reluctant to open up until she trusts in a man. She also wishes one to stay with her forever, whatever happens in her life.

All About The Leo Woman

They love it when their partner is loyal to them. Being faithful and honest are the qualities that would attract them to their partner. A Leo woman needs someone who is loyal in the relationship. Assure her that she is your world and make her believe that you don't care about what others think.

All About The Virgo Woman

Girls of this zodiac sign have high standards when it comes to their lover, as they love and want everything to be perfect around them. They love to maintain a relationship with someone who can challenge them and recognise their accomplishments at the same time.

All About The Libra Woman

Girls of this zodiac sign are charming and attractive by nature. They are always surrounded by admirers. And when they fall in love, it is all about wine, roses, candles, and dinners. They always have a liking for beautiful and rich things in life. They do not hesitate to express their love and affection, as they are fond of other's compliments.

All About The Scorpio Woman

A scorpion woman feels that one needs to desire her so much and she is irreplaceable in her partner's life. She is quick to reveal her identity and the truth about her life when she falls in love with you. She adores sex and intimacy and considers it to be sacred. At the same time, jealousy and possessiveness are other traits of this romantic girl. If a man wants her as a keeper, then he must forget about spending time with his friends and family. It's the biggest turn-off for her.

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All About The Sagittarius Woman

Women of this sign are said to be free spirited, and they are scared of commitments. Even though she longs for a lover, she is terrified of being trapped in love. She can settle with someone who likes to explore the world with her. If a person wants to fall in love with a Sagittarian woman, then they need to make her feel that together they will make life a fun and adventurous experience.

All About The Capricorn Woman

This zodiac sign girl takes her life seriously. She is a workaholic and ambitious. She is not interested in any short-term relationship. Apart from this, she also believes and fights for a romantic life that has a future. If you are serious enough to talk about marriage and kids, then go ahead and lose your heart to a girl of this sign.

All About The Aquarius Woman

Women of this sign are intelligent and creative. They require too much freedom and they do not want someone who can't appreciate their artistic talents. They aim to have a passionate love life and also have a kinky side to them!

All About The Pisces Woman

Women of this sign tend to love themselves more than loving any other person. A Pisces woman wants to motivate and inspire her man. With her gentle and nurturing character, she likes to help him during his tough times. She lives in a world of her own imagination. You may have to cope with her on-off relationship with reality.

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