Real-life Story Of A Man Who Became Hulk In 10 Days!

People are so obsessed with the perfect body that they are willing to go to any heights to achieve it.

Most of the men love to flaunt a body that girls can die for and if he is a fitness freak, then we bet he would leave no tables unturned to get that perfect look.

Kirill Tereshin

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One such is a case of a young Russian bodybuilder named Kirill Tereshin. He has got 'Popeye-like biceps' and all this in a span of just 10 days!

Apparently, he is being slammed for his huge 60-cm biceps, as they are not a result of excessive workout or rigorous diet plan but because of injecting a deadly oil into his body.

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He Is Just 21 Years Old!

Kirill Tereshin is a 21-year-old body-builder who used a bulking oil known as synthol that increased his biceps by 10 inches in only 10 days! The strange bit is that he injected 250 ml of synthol oil each day and increased the dose, as he was happy with the results!


He Revealed The Quantity Of Oil One Needs

The bodybuilder who weighs 68 kg revealed that he has to inject 250 ml of this oil to get the size that he has. He revealed that when he started the procedure of injecting the oil in his biceps, he would feel feverish and would remain on the bed for the entire day. He also felt that he was dying. But everything turned out well in the end for him.


What Is Synthol?

Synthol is a mixture that contains about 85% of oil, painkiller and alcohol. Intake of this mixture can have a serious damage on your body, which includes nerve damage, skin problems, cysts, stroke and muscle damage as well.


Yet This Mixture Is Widely Used…

Though this mix can be lethal, it is widely used by the body-builders to increase the smaller muscles like biceps, triceps and calves. Using of synthol is considered to be cheating, as it lets you gain weight without any hard training and dieting. On the other hand, there are some body-builders also who claimed to have used it in the shoulder.

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He Injected 250 ml Each Day!

Apparently, Kirill was so keen on building his body in an extreme way that he began by injecting 250 ml into his biceps but found that would make them grow by not more than an inch! He further added that his body weight had increased from 9 st 11 lbs to 10 st 10 lbs, since he began injecting himself with the chemical.


The Doctors Warn

According to reports, doctors warn Kirill that the synthol intake that he is taking can cause pulmonary embolisms or nerve damage or infections like sclerosing lipogranuloma, stroke and oil-filled cysts or ulcers in the muscle. It can eventually kill him as well!

Do you find these muscles to be appealing with the risk involved? Share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Monday, November 20, 2017, 15:01 [IST]
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