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Russian Taboos That Will Leave You Shocked!

By Shibu Purushothaman

With rich culture, ancient heritage and influential arts, Russia is one among the impressive nations in the world. There's lot more to know about the culture, music, architecture and some of the taboos that are carried out in the ancient nation.

While outsiders view the country as dowdy, we consider this as one among the happening countries with a bundle of shocking taboos to be followed.

Russia being one among the largest countries in the world in area, is well known for its impressive culture, tradition and rituals. Russians maintain elements which are not similar or identical to any other nation or culture in the world. Taboos are one among the inseparable parts of the culture and Russians simply cannot ignore these. They'll make you follow them once you reach the country too.

So, here we would mention about the Russian taboos which will leave you shocked.


Not Supposed To Break Mirrors

You are not supposed to break mirrors in Russia, as it is considered to be a sign of bad luck. Russians believe that mirror is the reflection of your own self and if it is broken, it can prove to be harmful or bring bad luck to a person. Not only this, it is believed that broken mirror can bring you bad luck for 7 years.


Gifting Purse With Money

Russians believe that you should not give empty purse to someone in gift! If you're giving, you should give a purse filled with money. Ancient tradition from Russia says gifting empty purse attracts bad luck.


Taboo With Newborn Baby

Once the baby is born, the mother is not allowed to show her kid to the strangers. Stranger gazing at the newborn baby is considered to be an evil sign. Usually, a mother is allowed to show her baby to the husband and close relatives only. This practise is carried for 40 days.


Hare Crossing Your Path

In India, black cat is considered to be a bad luck! Similarly, Russians consider a hare to bring bad luck. Similar to the cat superstition in India, if a hare crosses your path, it is considered to be a bad luck.


Telling The Truth Check

Do you know how do Russians check the truth of a person? According to a bizarre Russian belief, it is believed that if a person sneezes while talking to someone, it simply means he/she is saying the truth.


Return Home For Forgotten Things

Russians are punctual by nature and hence forgetting things is not considered good, according to the rich culture. One bizarre Russian rule says that you should not return home to collect forgotten things. If done, it attracts bad luck and the journey of the person can be dangerous. And hence if a Russian forgets something behind, he considers leaving it.


Never Keep The Empty Bottles

Once you're finished drinking vodka, beer or wine, you should always keep the empty bottles on the floor. Russians are quite superstitious if you keep empty bottles on the table or with yourself. They believe empty bottles can irk someone. So, next time you drink, keep this mind.


Never Lick Food From The Knife

You should be very specific while dining in Russia along with Russians. You are not allowed to lick leftover food from the knife. Doing this shows off the cruel and bad side of a person. Utensils are considered to be trustworthy and licking off the food from a knife shows this as a sign or cruelty by a person.


The Myth Related To Rains

It looks like Russians consider rains as a good luck! Russians believe that if it rains before you leave home, it simply means that your journey will be a good and fruitful one. Well, this is the reason why Russians love to get out in the rains!


Rain Wedding

In addition to the above taboo believed by the Russians, it is considered that if it rains on your wedding day, you will grow prosperous and rich in the future. No wonder, it looks like rains have always proved to bring good luck to Russians! It can always be "Rain, Rain come again" for the citizens.

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Story first published: Friday, October 20, 2017, 16:00 [IST]
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