Mysterious Painting That Burnt Many Houses In Italy!

There are many things that do not have any explanations and finding answers for these mysterious things makes us understand how creepy the answers can get.

One such is the case of a mysterious painting of a crying boy which has burnt down many houses in Italy.

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The painting had become so famous that the painter had to make series of this painting in lakhs and the strange fact was that the paintings caught fire on its own.

So, check out to learn more about this mysterious painting...


The Painting Was Made In 1985…

This mysterious painting was made by a famous Italian artist named ‘Giovanni Bragolin,' in September 1985. He painted a face of a small baby who was crying in this picture. The painting got so much popularity that the artist had to make a series of this painting in lakhs, as it was in high demand.


The Painting Series Were Called ‘The Crying Boy’

The artist had painted numerous paintings and had named the series as ‘The Crying Boy.' But it is reported that when people bought these paintings, their houses started getting fired up after some days.

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The Houses Got Burnt

Though this might sound highly strange, it was reported that all the houses that had this painting got burnt due to some reason or the other and the most shocking fact was that the entire house was burnt down completely. The strange bit is that the painting remained unharmed.


The Mystery Was Discovered By The Firefighters…

According to the newspaper reports, most of the fire-fighters who doused off the fire at these houses revealed that everytime they visited houses to extinguish the fire, they found this painting and that too in a very good condition!


The Painting Was Labelled As “Cursed”

When the firefighters revealed about the mysterious painting that they found in all of these houses, they said the painting looked as fresh as new with not even a scratch. The news spread across and when people heard about this weird incident, then they called it a superstitious story initially, until the time it started happening continuously. Finally, this painting got labelled as "cursed".


The News Spread Like Wildfire

After the painting was labelled as cursed, people started throwing this painting out of their houses. And the strange bit was the sudden house fire stopped in the cities of Italy!

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The Painting Was Banned All Over The World

There is no clarity if this painting had some cursing powers or if it was just a co-incidence of burning of the houses in Italy.
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    Story first published: Thursday, December 14, 2017, 11:20 [IST]
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