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Bizarre Myths About Animals That Can Confuse You

It is not necessary that what we thought we knew about certain things needs to be a fact always; it can also be one big fat MYTH!

Sometimes, certain facts can seem really illogical; however, that is not the truth. And what we believed in all these days also may not be a fact and it could happen that these are pure myths.

Similarly, the facts about animals which we knew about may not be true as well. In this article, we've listed some of the myths on animals and their actual facts.

So, go ahead and read these myths and the actual facts for the same.


Do Dogs See All Colours?

The Myth: Dogs are believed to only see black and white colours.

The Fact: It has not been proven that dogs can only see black and white, but instead they can also see other colours as well. However, they cannot see all the colours that humans can see.


Do Bulls React To The Colour Red?

The Myth: Bulls react aggressively to the colour red.

The Fact: They tend to attack because of the movement of the cloth in front of them. The colour does not instigate them in any way!


Do Ostriches React In This Manner When They Are Scared?

The Myth: Ostriches bury their heads when they are scared.

The Fact: When they are scared in real they generally 'fly the coop'.


Are Toads And Warts Really Related?

The Myth: People believe that touching a toad can give you warts!

The Fact: There is no evidence that this belief works, for the fact that toads do not even come close to causing warts.


Why Exactly Do Chameleons Change Colours?

The Myth: Chameleons tend to change their colours to blend in with their environment.

The Fact: They apparently change colours accordingly to reflect their mood swings.


Do Elephants Stomp The Floor?

The Myth: Elephants are believed to stomp!

The Fact: The fact is totally opposite, as elephants are believed to walk silently!

Keep reading you would be stunned to know that whatever we believed in about animals all these days were just a myth.


How Big Is A Blue Whale's Mouth?

The Myth: A blue whale is believed to swallow a car easily!

The Fact: Can you believe that this huge animal can only swallow a grapefruit as that is the biggest size of anything that it can swallow?


Are Moles Blind?

The Myth: It is believed that moles are blind.

The Fact: Nope! The fact about moles' eyesight is that it is poor and they are not at all blind.


Is It Only Jerry Who Loves Cheese?

The Myth: Mice Love Cheese!!

The Fact: Cheese is not the favourite food of mice!

We bet, this was something that started as a trend after the famous cartoon "Tom And Jerry".


Can You Hear The Fishes Talk?

The Myth: Fishes are mute, as they only swim!

The Fact: Fishes are believed to make similar sounds like work in progress at a busy farm.


The Powerful Rhino!!

The Myth: A rhinoceros has a horn on its nose!

The Fact: Our childhood is ruined and it has all been a big lie! What we see on its nose is not a horn at all and it is a peculiar hard crest present on the nose!


Why Do Animals Really Hibernate?

The Myth: During winter, animals get cold and tend to hibernate!

The Fact: It is not the same again, as the poor animals hibernate because of the scarce sources of food for them in the winter days!

Wish to read more such interesting stuff? Then keep checking our section for updates!

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    Story first published: Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 15:30 [IST]
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