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Can You Believe A Woman Gave Birth To A 'Mermaid Baby'?

Have you heard about the case of a woman who ended up giving birth to a mermaid baby? Well it is true!

This is the result of lack of medical consultation that the woman had never undergone throughout her pregnancy and it resulted in this...

So, check out on what happened to the case of the mermaid baby who was born in India. The pictures of the baby will leave you baffled, as this is such a rare phenomenon.

Read on to know more about this bizarre case.


The Baby Was Born In India….

The mermaid baby was born in Kolkata, India. The doctors were stunned when the woman delivered the baby who was born with fused legs. This condition is believed to be the rarest of the rare cases!


The Bizarre Condition Is Known As…

Medics revealed that this rare medical phenomenon is known as the "Mermaid Syndrome, or Sirenomelia." According to reports, this was the second such case in the country and is said to be the fifth in the world!

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The Gender Of The Baby Remained A Mystery!

It is revealed that the baby's gender could not be determined. This was due to the rare condition that the baby was born with. The underdeveloped pelvis and fused legs made it difficult to find out the identity of the baby. It is said that the baby tragically died within four hours after the baby's birth.


The Doctors Revealed…

The medics revealed that the baby had normal formation in the upper part of the body, while the lower body below the waist, that is the legs, was fused together. They further added that the lower part of the body was not developed completely either.


How Does This Condition Occur?

Medics revealed that due to lack of proper nutrition and improper blood circulation to the foetus from the mother, it created this kind of an abnormality in the baby. Generally, such babies do not survive and hence are aborted in most of the cases.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 11:30 [IST]
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