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Meet The 20-Year-Old Sensation Who Is A Sex Educator!

Everybody wishes to become famous, and becoming famous happens naturally to a few of them. Here, we are about to share the story of a 20-year-old girl who became famous for all the wrong reasons and her actual identity is that of a sex educator!

Check out this amazing story of a young woman who had her shares of ups and downs and how she has evolved as a person and helps teens understand sex in a better way!

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Things have not been easy for this young lady, since she was portrayed as a sugar baby initially, trying to attract older men who love to prey on young girls!

Find out more about this interesting girl who does not wish to give up on her profession for any kind of negativity around her!

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She Is Eileen Kelly!

Initially, Eileen was portrayed as a sugar baby, as her Instagram pictures were too hot to handle. Also, people started posting obscene messages on her account. However, this did not stop her from continuing her passion.


She Has Many Followers!

She has around 315k followers on her Instagram account and it includes a handful of celebrities in her followers list.


She Has A Sex Positive Tumblr Blog

She started this blog when she was in High school, from her Hometown in Seattle. Since then, she has been spending most of her time on her Tumblr Blog, educating young girls about the problems they have had.


Girls Go Real And Honest On Her Blog!

Her blog is a place where the young confused girls can go real and honest, and she would make sure they are happy at the end of the conversation. Her blog has worldwide gritty information about sex, relationships and puberty.


She Claims She Is Super-Passionate About Sex Education

She says that she has always been super-passionate about sex education and this does not make her a pedophilia enthusiast.


Her Aim Is To...

She wants to create a space on the social sites that would highlight the various questions teenagers have in their minds regarding the topic of sex.


On Her Blog...

She answers questions from anonymous teens. Simple questions like, "Did you lose your virginity to the person you loved?" and "How do you deal with someone unliking you?" are the most common queries that young girls usually have.

Way To Go, girl! With such an attitude and confidence, the sky is the limit for this young woman!

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Story first published: Thursday, January 19, 2017, 16:01 [IST]