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Man Who Claims To Make Music From Women's Rear!

Have you ever imagined of something really out of the box that can be totally crazy and amusing? Well, we are here to share a wacky concept of how a man makes music out of women's butt cheeks!

Well, this is what Alex Lesley believes in, as he thinks that a woman's body is not less than a musical instrument!

Strangest Uses Of Sex Dolls

He had recently uploaded a video on his Instagram account, in which he revealed on how he was making music with women raising their rear ends and he slapping it and making music from it!

Read on to know more about this bizarre sex guru!


He Is A Self-Proclaimed Sex Guru

This self-proclaimed sex guru has made a bizarre claim that he can make music out of the moans of women, while slapping them on their bottoms.


He Released A Video Clip Even...

He released a crazy video clip, in which half a dozen women are seen lying with their heads down on a hotel bed. As seen in the video, the self-proclaimed sex guru ends up slapping their butt cheeks every time they raise their rear ends in the air!


He Believes…

The self-proclaimed guru believes that the female body is like a musical instrument and when one scans his Instagram profile, we can see that he is extremely fond of music and also seems to be quite famous among women, as there are number of scantily dressed women in his Instagram profile.

Things Nobody Told You Ever About Sex


He Is Also Running Against The President's Position

Alex Lesley is also running against President Vladimir Putin in next year's elections. He believes that a country run by a sex guru is bound to multiply. We wonder in what terms he means this?!


Famous For Weird Reasons…

Lesley is not only famous for this weird concept of his, but he is also famous for a stunt, wherein his lingerie-clad babes and he landed into a McDonald's outlet in Moscow and started eating their meal, while the onlookers were left stunned.

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    Story first published: Saturday, September 23, 2017, 13:30 [IST]
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