Meet The Most Flexible Man In The World

People are blessed with some of the weirdest talents in the world. From having a magnetic body to having a body that resists electricity; talent that is way beyond the common man's thinking.

One such case is of an Indian boy who is also called the 'Rubber Man of India'; he is none other than Jaspreet Singh Kalra.

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Check out on how this young talented boy will leave you stunned with his ability of rotating his body in the weirdest positions!


He Hails From Ludhiana

This young talented man is just 15 years old and he hails from Ludhiana, Punjab. Apparently, he is the most flexible man in India and according to sources he is named as the "Rubber Man of India."


He Is Registered In The Limca Book

He has his name registered in the Limca Book of Records as the ‘boneless man.' To add on to his achievements, he holds different titles of being the ‘World's Youngest Flexible Boy' in Unique World Records to the ‘Rubber Man of the World' in Miracles World Records.


How It Started…

Jaspreet revealed how it all started... He said, "My yoga teacher selected me for a yoga competition. After that I started participating in more tournaments and then even started winning prizes." Apparently he realised his unique talent when he was just 11 years old!


He Could Do All Of This!

When he realised he could bend his body differently and feel no pain, he practiced rigorously and within a span of just a few months, he could do a complete 360 degree rotation with his hands and even do complicated techniques like shoulder dislocation technique.

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The Doctors Revealed…

Seeing the shocking flexibility, the doctors were stunned and they even performed X-rays to check if something odd was happening, but the strange bit was he was all normal and healthy. One of the doctors who examined him even added: "I had X-rayed him multiple times at normal position and also in hyperextended position. We could not find any radiological abnormality. I have never seen anyone with such kind of flexibility in my years of medical practice."

Must say, he is surely a talented guy. Do let us know about your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Saturday, November 11, 2017, 10:59 [IST]
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