Indian Women Who Stunned The World With Their Bold Avatars

Women empowerment is all over the place. There are times when it is over-done too. But there are those cases of some of the bold women who have made a mark of themselves in the society by supporting and fighting for the right cause.

Indian Women Who Stunned The World With Their Bold Avatars

We've listed out details of a few brave Indian women who have gone up a notch in acquiring a righteous place for us women. These women have taken feminism to a total different level with their boldness and unique approach towards society and other things.

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So, here is a list of women who have stunned the society with their revolutionary changes and moves and made a change in the Indian society.

So, check out more to know about the bold avatars of these pretty Indian women.

When 'NO BLOUSE' Challenge Was Cool!

An Instagram campaign called 'Blouse Free Saree' was initiated and many women showed their interest of participating in it. This move started the Satvik trend of no blouse dressing. According to the sources, over 1000 women had posted their pictures with saree sans blouse on their Instagram account and named it as the ''.

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The Lipstick Rebellion

The movie 'Lipstick Under My Burkha' was subjected to all kinds of roadblocks. After much chaos and drama, the movie was released. When the movie was released, it was tagged a 'lady oriented film'. This is what motivated women to come together to demand their rights to tell their stories freely in a male chauvinist society. The move was started by the cast of the movie with a hashtag #LipstickRebellion and encouraged women to post pictures of themselves with a gesture that clearly indicates 'giving the finger' to patriarchy!



A campaign called #MeToo was initiated to take a stand against sexual harassment. The campaign encouraged women from around the world to come out and post this message on their social media profiles. The trend went viral and even men started posting pictures with the same. This trend marked a shift from victim blaming or slut shaming to encouraging women to speak for themselves.



This campaign was launched in the year 2014. The main intention of this campaign was to provide equal rights to both men and women. From the aspect of freedom, protection and gender equality, this campaign raised a strong voice against female censorship. Actress Saloni Chopra became the first Indian to join the famous ‘Free The Nipple' movement and since then, the trend was set.



Gurmehar Kaur, daughter of Kargil martyr Captain Mandeep Singh, changed her Facebook DP and tagged it wit a status: "I am a student from Delhi University. I am not afraid of ABVP. I am not alone. Every student of India is with me." The trend spread like a wildfire and students across the country started posting their pictures with a placard message to fight against ABVP.



A study revealed that out of 355 million women across India, only 12% of them use sanitary pads. Diya India Foundation along with actress Saloni Chopra created an awareness campaign where they encouraged women to use sanitary pads.


When Kangana Ranaut Spilled The Beans In An Interview

She showed her most daring and confident side when she came on National television in mid September. In the entire interview, she revealed something shocking about her life and the controversies that she had been facing. She shared her most personal and intricate details about her relationships that left people's mouth wide open.

We, at Boldsky, salute these women for their undying spirit and would wish to have a world where equality would be given utmost importance to by all.

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