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Study Reveals: Women Belonging To These Professions Cheat The Most!

We usually opt for a profession that we'd be happy and satisfied in, at the end of the day. The one that is noble. But do you know that there are certain professions in the world where people tend to cheat on with their partners, since they get a "little too comfortable" with their peers of the opposite sex?

A research was done to analyse the professions in which people tend to cheat the most, especially the women folk.

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The list of jobs in which people cheat the most will leave you shocked, as it has some of the most influential professions that commoners, the modern women, look up to.


Financial Counselors

These guys top the list when it comes to cheaters. They are known for lacking moral scruples, hence cheating is a "no big deal" for them, which is why they come in first place on our list. Women of this profession work under stressful projects in small teams and are often working around the clock under high-pressure deadlines. Hence, having a quickie makes them not feel guilty.



These guys are very good with words and lying and maneuvering conversations comes naturally to them. Women of this profession tend to work for very long, stressful hours with small groups and it gives them ample opportunity to bond. Hence, there are many chances of them cheating on their partners.

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The pilots, flight attendants, flight pursers, etc., all are way too casual about having a fling. There are so many flights that one can take before the temptation of joining the "mile high club", which is too hard to resist.


Health Care

Those people who work in the health care sector generally witness a high-class drama, where they get to see life-or-death situations on a daily basis. These highly emotional situations result in colleagues finding a comfort zone in each other's arms and hence women cheating on their partners.



Most of the athletes are celebrated, revered and mobbed for attention by their adoring fans. This attention is at times coupled with an athlete's natural love of the physical look and strength. This leads to a lot of tempting opportunities to cheat on.



They are known for their free-spirited, bohemian approach towards life and love. This attitude plus an inclination towards narcissism makes them susceptible to flattering advances from fans around.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 15:25 [IST]
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