WHATT! This Man Has The World's Largest Penis!

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Size does matter! And having an extra-ordinary size is something that no man wishes to have as it becomes a pain!

This is the story of a man named 'Roberto Esquivel Cabrera'. He apparently has the world's longest penis in the world!

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Can you imagine that his penis is just 2 cms smaller than the shortest man on this earth? Well, it is true.

Learn about his struggle and pain that this man goes through while he manages his daily life.

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Check out the incredible story of this man who doctors have declared has an overgrown-sized penis!


He Is...

He is 'Roberto Esquivel Cabrera', who is an unassuming 54-year-old man living in Mexico. The size of his penis is 18.9 cm long and it weighs 2 lbs!


He Was Obsessed With His Penis Size!

When he was a teenager, he apparently used weights and even wrapped some bands around his penis to stretch it. Though it sounds weird, we guess it worked in his favour as his penis swelled up in years!


He Had X-Rayed It To Prove Its Veracity

He wants the Guinness Book of World Records to recognise it and hence had it x-rayed to prove its veracity.


He Is Not Able To Lead A Normal Life!

He says it is a ‘disability' and it stops him from working. Hence he is forced to rely on food banks to survive for his living.


His Health Issues!

He had frequent urinary tract infections because not all his urine escapes his lengthy foreskin. He also had to wrap it up all the time to avoid chaffing.


Doctors Adviced Him!

He claims that he did not take any kind of medicine for its growth and now doctors have warned him to undergo size reduction surgery. This could actually help him go ahead with his sex life. But he is stern on not doing it!

Strange world, isn't it? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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