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Funny Online Shopping Disasters People Faced

Life has become easy with so many options available online these days. Everything is just a click away and there can be nothing better than that. No doubt that these things have made our life easy, do you think however that it is all safe and reliable?

There are numerous times that people have received a wrong item when they have placed an online order, and then there are those who have deliberately done this to fool the customers.

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So, check out on these funny and hilarious things that people have received when they ordered for a few items online and got these SURPRISES!


He Got This Instead Of A Smartphone

This guy got lucky when "Hindustan Unilever Limited" sent him a surprise gift of a Samsung Core Duo mobile phone plus two bottles of liquid vim soap when he had just received the liquid soap bar instead of the phone that he had ordered.

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He Received A Soap Bar Instead Of A Phone

This disappointed man had apparently ordered for a smartphone from a leading online retailer to only receive a soap bar instead! When he raised a complaint with the shopping site, he got 20% of the amount as compensation.


A Stone Instead Of A Smartphone!

This poor guy got a stone instead of the phone that he had ordered for. The funniest thing about this sad experience is that he got the original box of the phone atleast!


Coconuts Instead Of Shoes

Ordering shoes online is such a craze and what if you end up with two coconuts instead of the actual product? Well, this happened to a woman who had apparently ordered for a pair of shoes and got real coconuts instead!


Biscuits Instead Of Phones!

Sounds bizarre right? But this is a clever trick of the retailers to stuff things that weigh exactly the same amount as the product that they have ordered for. In this case, the poor guy had ordered for a smartphone and he got this!


Stones Instead Of An iPod!

This happened to a girl who had apparently ordered for an iPod from Flipkart and instead of the product, she got two stones instead. Later, Flipkart apologized for the incident. We are not sure whether the girl got her iPod or not.


Scamming Has Been There For Long!

A man had apparently ordered for a Blackberry phone from LetsBuy in 2012. The incident went viral on the social media and the shopping portal then delivered him the phone after a few days. But it did raise the concern of loyalty for the customers.


Last But Not The Least!

There you go! Not the last but the least! People do still receive soaps as their parcel instead of the original products, as the weight of the soap bar seems to be perfect for most of the products.

Do you have anything similar to share? Then share it with us in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Friday, July 21, 2017, 14:36 [IST]
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