Mother Pictured Her Little Kid With Dresses Made Of Food!

Kids and veggies do not go hand in hand! Getting the kids to eat nutritious food is a big task for parents. Trying on new ideas to include these things in the appetite is something the parents need to work on.

An oil painter named Alya Chaglar and her 3-year-old daughter, Stefani, play with food for their daily fun.

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Check out on how beautifully these pictures have been clicked with different foods, veggies and flowers!

#1 The Watermelon Dress

Stefani seems to enjoy posing for the camera confidently, while her mum zooms in to take the perfect picture of her along with the watermelon's cool dress! We bet, the little tod enjoys all the attention.

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#2 The Cabbage Gown!

Stefani's million-dollar expression is worth making her a rock star for her Instagram account, as she enjoys the attention of over 22,000 followers! She has raised to fame in a very short span and her followers seem to be increasing with each passing day!

#3The Orchid Dress!

Alya Chaglar seems to not only stick to veggies and fruits to create these beautiful illusions of dresses on her daughter, it looks like she loves to experiment with every thing that would help her get the perfect click of her daughter!

#4 The Mermaid Dress!

We bet, the mother-daughter duo is going to get famous for this unique talent of thinking out of the box and capturing the best innocent spirit! Look on at how perfect this 3 year old is getting, when it comes to posing for the pictures. We must say, she is really adorable!

#5 The Chilli Dress!

Chaglar has made the best use of her photography skills by holding these pieces of fruit, vegetables, and flowers at just the right distance and has positioned them at such an angle that they cover young Stefani as glamorous as possible with these cute dresses and skirts, which is simply amazing!

#6 The Grape Dress!

These beautiful resulting photos are cheeky, artistic, and adorable all at once. No wonder, this little bundle of joy and her mother seem to have become an Instagram sensation in such a short span of time with over 22,000 followers already anticipating each new outfit she sports.

Check out on some of her cute, fabulous dresses and fashion statements on her Instagram account.

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