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Disgusting Viral Video Of A Man Eating Live Snake! Yikes!!

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People do anything to grab others' attention. If this includes going out of the way and doing something bizarre, people do not mind.

This is one such video that was taken in India where a man is seen relishing on a live snake in the video! This is going all viral and people are feeling disgusted with what they have just witnessed.

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Check out the video of the man who is seen relishing on the live snake, while the snake is seen wriggling in pain!


He Initially Lets The Snake Bite Him…

He initially lets the snake to bite him on various parts of his body. It includes the fingers, ears, hands and even tongue. He then starts to bite it from its tail and chews the pieces like he is chewing food.


He Is Famous Now!

It is so sickening to see him eat the snakes alive. This video of him eating the snake has gone viral on the internet and people are calling him 'Indian Bear Grylls' for his unusual antics. No doubt his act looks quite disgusting to us, but he seems to be enjoying it a lot!

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The Video…

Check the disgusting video and also scroll down...


Dishes Made Of Snake Meat Are Famous…

There are many places in the world where snake meat is eaten as a delicacy. The snake soup is one of the most famous delicacies in Chinese culture for over two thousand years now. It is also a popular Cantonese delicacy that has health benefits.


All About The Soup

The soup contains the meat of at least two types of snakes as the main ingredients. It also tastes slightly sweet because of the addition of chrysanthemum leaves and spices, while snake meat in the soup is said to resemble the texture and taste of chicken meat.


The Medicinal Benefits!

It is believed that the snake soup has a number of medicinal benefits that include the cure of bodily ailments. It also helps in blood nourishment, improvement of skin quality and it also helps increase one's energy levels as well.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 14:30 [IST]
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