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    When Dead Kids Were Married In A Ghost Wedding!

    There are so many rituals that make us question our sanity. With beliefs of women getting married to dogs or frogs, it makes us wonder how these rituals even came into existence!

    The babas, gurujis and the saints come up with some of the most bizarre solutions for the problems that people face.

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    One such ritual that is still followed even in this century is the 'Pretha Kalyanam', in which a bride and groom who've died as kids are married, since they died before they turned 18 years of age.

    Check out more details on this bizarre practice, where the dead kids are married before the age of 18...


    This Ritual Is Conducted Between Families Of Dead Kids

    According to the practice, this bizarre ritual is practiced in the families where the children who died before the age of 18 meet other families who have had similar cases, where they have lost their kids as well.

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    Horoscopes Of Dead Children Are Matched…

    The horoscopes of the dead kids are made and matched. After which both the families give consent for the wedding. There are dolls that are used in this practice. These dolls depict the dead children.


    A Proper Wedding Takes Place…

    All the rituals that take place in an actual wedding are done in this wedding as well. The mangalsutra is tied around the female doll's neck and garlands are also exchanged. The ceremony ends with a sumptuous Kerala meal on a banana leaf!


    How The Practice Came Into Existence?

    According to sources, this practice comes into existence when a foetus gets aborted, or if a child dies early in a family. And years later, if the family faces some difficulties in their lives or the other children in the family suffer from problems, the astrologers help them with a solution of getting their dead child married!


    Hence, This Is How The Practice Started…

    The families of the deceased kids conduct their children's wedding, since the children left the earth before they could experience worldly pleasures. Hence, by completing this ghost wedding, the family assumes that the soul of their departed child will finely rest in peace.


    The Families Believe

    Since most of the families grieve over the loss of their child, they tend to fall for the solution, as they wish to get peace for their lost child, and hence this is one of the reasons that this practice still exists!

    What do you think does this even make sense? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Thursday, November 23, 2017, 10:05 [IST]
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