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Bizarre Practices In The World That Can Leave You Shocked!

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There are different cultures around the world and some of the cultures are considered to be so bizarre that these can make the reader feel weird once you get of know of the practices they follow, wherein these would be a regular practice for the locals.

From peeing in public places to having no rules for the rapists, there are many such bizarre things that you would come across.

Here, in this article, we are about to share the list of the most bizarre things that people around the world have been following.

Check them out, as these indeed will make us realise that this world is a very strange place!


Cow Urine Is Holy!

There are many people in India who consider cow's urine to be special and holy, especially in the Hindu religion. They claim that it contains special hormones and minerals that are beneficial. There are a few people out there who even consume it!


Travel At Your Own Risk!

In Philippines, travelling in a bus becomes a challenge, as the buses are crowded like bee hives. It is a common sight to see the aisle filled with plastic chairs by the passengers who have no seat to sit! It is just not that! Even when all the seats are filled, people are sent to ride on the roof of the bus!

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Peeing And Shitting Is Common!

Being an Indian, seeing this sight is a common thing, but do you know that residents of China also have a similar practice? You can often see the sight of women carrying their kids down the street and making them pee or take a dump at the pavements.


Costa Rica Has No Address!

Hell, yeah! Costa Rica has no address and people here know about the landmarks and travel using them. Can you believe there are no home or office addresses in the entire place? We wonder how people get back after getting drunk! However, people are known to not use addresses here whatsoever.


When There Are Half-built Houses All Over

One strange sight of Belize is that you would be surprised to see many houses that are just half-built. It is said that the houses are kept unfinished. This is done here to avoid paying property tax according to the Government rule where the policy says that if they do not complete their houses, they do not have to pay property taxes!


Men Holding Hands Is All Normal In The Middle East!

In a place like the Middle East, can you imagine seeing men walking around public places and holding hands together? Well, this is just a perfectly normal thing, especially for the straight men. It is considered as a sign of close friendship than the romantic relationship.


Plagiarism Is All Cool Here!

Can you believe this! Philippines is a place where the students are allowed to even pay people to write their senior thesis papers for them! This is a regular business for the locals. It is said that this place has at least one person who plagiarizes his/her part of the education!

Wish to know more such bizarre things that people around the world do/follow? Then do let us know in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 16:32 [IST]
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