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    Places Where Petrol Is Cheaper Than Water!

    By Shibu Purushothaman

    Petrol prices are different in different countries. In countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the price of petrol is cheaper than water!

    On the other hand, purchasing petrol in countries like the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, and Turkey is quite an expensive affair.

    When it comes to India, the price of petrol is fluctuating; but it is still an expensive commodity as compared to other countries, which are as listed below.

    Today, we would speak about the places where petrol is cheaper than water. Go ahead and take a look.


    1. Venezuela

    The price of petrol is cheapest in Venezuela where you can get one litre of petrol in just $0.031, which is literally Rs. 2 (Two). 50 per cent of the country's economy depends on the petrol export which contributes to larger income of the country.


    2. Saudi Arabia

    Another country where petrol is cheap is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is known to be the largest oil-producing country in the world and the largest exporter of petrol. In Saudi Arabia, you can get one litre of petrol at $0.096, i.e, Rs. 6.20.

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    3. Libya

    Libya remains at the third spot in the list to produce petrol at cheap prices. Becoming the ninth biggest producer of petrol in the world, you can get one litre of petrol at just $0.110, which is Rs. 7.05.


    4. Turkmenistan

    Turkmenistan is entitled to use just 120 litres of petrol (free) in a month and hence the price of the petrol in the country is not fixed. If they exceed the limit of using 120 litres in a month, they will need to pay $0.146, which is Rs. 9.40 per litre.


    5. Bahrain

    Majority of the income of Bahrain comes from the oil production. Becoming the fifth country to produce petrol at cheap rates, you can get one litre of petrol in Bahrain for just $0.158, which is Rs. 10.20.


    6. Kuwait

    Known for having the fifth largest oil reserve in the world, an average price of petrol in Kuwait is $0.171. Kuwait has an oil reserve of 104 billion barrel, where the price of petrol is as low as $1.51, which is Rs. 11 per litre.


    7. Qatar

    Ranked 7th in the list of countries producing the cheapest petrol, oil industry is the main source of income for Qatar. With more than 15 billion barrels in reserve, the cost of petrol in Qatar is $0.182, which is as low as Rs. 11.70.

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    8. Egypt

    The Suez channel is one among the important line, which carries one billion litres of petrol from the Persian Gulf every day. The price of petrol per litre is $0.232, which is Rs. 15.15. Due to political change in the country, the price of petrol has remained uncertain right now.


    9. Oman

    Oman produces 600,000 barrels of petrol every day, which makes the government cut down the prices of petrol in the country. On an average, the price of petrol per litre is $0.243, which is Rs. 15.86.


    10. Algeria

    One of the biggest producers of petrol in Africa and one among the countries to produce cheapest petrol in the world, Algeria ranks tenth in the list. On an average, the country produces 1.2 million barrels of oil in a day. 60 percent of the country's income comes from oil production. Standing at the tenth position, price of petrol in Algeria is $0.244, which is Rs. 15.72.

    These were the countries producing petrol at a cheaper price. On comparing the price of petrol (Rs. 79.87 per liter) in India, we can say that it is surely an expensive commodity here.

    Kindly Note : The price of petrol is affected due to several factors and hence it may vary.

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