He Claims To Be A 'Time Traveller From 2048'

Anything about aliens can create a curiosity, as it makes us wonder if they really exist or not. Though there are regular reports of the UFOs being sited at various places, sometimes we feel if these are nothing but hoax. There are simply so many questions left unanswered.

Studying on this topic can lead to many theories, but there have been no scientific answers for the same.

Here is the case of a man who calls himself a "time traveller" and apparently was sent back by the aliens!

Things That Will Make You Believe In Aliens

Check out this unique, bizarre case of the so-called time traveller and his claimed theory, which will leave you in splits!

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He Was Highly Intoxicated

Bryant Johnson claimed that he had travelled back in time to warn the world about the alien invasion. He was later arrested for public intoxication.


He Claimed He Was From The Year 2048

When the cops arrested him for being highly intoxicated, they were in for a surprise when he claimed that he was from the year 2048. He further went on to say that he wanted to warn the people of the aliens that would arrive next year, and that the people should leave as soon as possible.


He Insisted On…

According to the sources, he insisted on speaking to the 'President' of the town, and did not wish to reveal more to the cops. Seeing him in an intoxicated situation, the cops did not waste much time on him and took him into custody.


His Theory Of Being A Time Traveller…

The man later told the police that he was only able to time travel because the aliens had filled his body with alcohol and made him stand on a giant pad. He noted that he was supposed to be transported to the year 2018, and not 2017.


He Was Examined…

Based on his theory, the medics took an examination of him to only find out that his alcohol intake was way beyond the normal limit. The alcohol level was of 0.136 units, according to the reports.

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His Facebook Activity Revealed

His Facebook page activity contained multiple pictures of aliens and spaceships. This kind of makes us believe that he has been working on these stories and hence as a result of being over-drunk, it has lead to him disclosing about his fantasy-based story.

However, do you think aliens really do exist? Let us know in the comment section below.

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