Bizarre Looking Babies Ever Born In History

When women give birth, the only thing that they wish is to see a healthy baby. But what happens when the baby is born with special or abnormal features?

Sounds scary and disheartening right? Here is a list of some of the most bizarre and weird shaped of humans born.

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These bizarre looking humans are some of the scariest looking births ever recorded in the history.

Check them out...


The Horse Baby!

This is the most bizarre looking human-horse baby ever born! The picture looks scary and creepy. There is no authenticity of the image, but reports claim that the incident happened in Benin City, Edo State, where the woman gave birth to the horse baby. The baby calf was declared dead.


The Snake Baby!

This incident was reported from the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The new born baby had greenish skin and horrible red eyes. The baby looked scary as his entire body is covered in what seemed to be some sort of human scales. This reptile-like condition in which the baby was born is known as Harlequin Disorder where the skin is covered in scales.

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The Frog Baby!

A mum of two was shocked when her pregnancy had surpassed the normal 9 months phase and when she delivered the baby, she was expecting it to be twins, but instead, she got a shock of her life as she gave delivered a bizarre baby who looked similar to a frog rather than a human child!


Rat Creature Baby!

This is the most bizarre case, which was not made public due to the weird outcome! Apparently the unnamed woman was in labour pain for 9 long hours. The woman gave birth to a monster baby, who she said looked like a hairless rat with a long tail. The creature died soon after birth.


The Baby With A Single Eye!

This bizarre case of a baby born was reported in India. Apparently the baby's condition was brought on by the anti-cancer drugs which the mother had taken while she was pregnant. The babies born with this condition do not survive for long.


The Baby With A Tail!

This poor baby who was unlucky as he was born with an odd condition. He had a tail that was sticking out of his lower back. The tail is now posing a threat to the life of the boy and it was removed after a complicated procedure.


Baby Without A Brain!

This is one of the most bizarre incidents where a baby was born with the absence of a brain! This condition is called as anencephaly. Nickolas Coke was born without a brain, and he shocked the doctors as he survived for 3 long years.


Babies Attached At Head!

Generally two-headed babies have a parasitic head of an undeveloped twin that is mostly attached to their head. The condition is also very rare. But there are many cases around the world that these babies survive to see their adulthood.

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    Story first published: Sunday, November 12, 2017, 13:09 [IST]
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