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Nude Model & Photographer Caught For Nudity Pictures Being Taken At An Egyptian Temple

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Nudity is considered to be an art, but this is hardly understood by many, as most of the times, the nude artists run into trouble for being nude and showcasing nudity.

A similar incident happened when a Belgian-based model Marisa Papen and her photographer were jailed for clicking nude pictures in Egyptian temples.

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The model described herself as being a 'free-spirited and wild-hearted expressionist'; and this was a piece of art they were creating when they were caught by the security guards.

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Check out on what happened...


The Model And Photographer Were All Set To Explore…

Both, the Belgian model Marisa Papen and the Australian photographer Jesse Walker, travelled together to North Africa for a shoot at some of the most famous landmarks of ancient Egypt. They were all set to explore the place...

Image Source: Instagram


They Bribed People Around…

Apparently, the duo had bribed young men who were patrolling temples in Giza, but they ran out of luck when they both were imprisoned for creating 'porn' when four security guards spotted Papen posing naked.

Image Source: Instagram


They Were Mistaken For Creating Pornographic Content…

The guards assumed that the couple were creating pornographic content, as the model was nude and posing. They had to delete their pictures before they handed over the camera to the guards who found it to be empty.


They Were Jailed For A Night…

They were jailed for a night and apparently, they had to change their statement, as clicking nude pictures in temples would get them into real trouble, and hence they lied to have shot in a nude dress, which was mistaken to be just nothing!

Image Source: Instagram


They Were Released…

Once the pair was out of the country, they retrieved the images that they had apparently clicked in those Egyptian temples. They were lucky enough, as everything was retrieved and Marisa Papen and Jesse Walker were able to share them with the world!

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Image Source: Instagram

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 21:10 [IST]
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