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Bee Maternity Shoot That Went Viral; Sadly Ended As A Still Birth

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Getting a photoshoot done on any occasion is a trend these days. People try all crazy themes for their photoshoots. Going in for the most unique concept is what the people aim at in these photoshoots.

One such case is of a woman who posed with 20,000 bees for her maternity shoot and her pictures went viral!

But unfortunately, the woman revealed that her baby died while still in the womb!

Check out more on this unfortunate incident.


Emily Has Been A Professional Beekeeper

She is a beekeeper who owns over 24 hives and 1.2 million honeybees. She posed with over 20,000 bees for her maternity shoot and her pictures went viral. People were amused as to how unique her photoshoot was, as she covered her belly with nothing but 20,000 bees! The pictures however were quite adorable and an instant hit!


The Baby Was Due In Just 6 Days!

Emily Mueller suspected there was a problem when she suddenly stopped feeling the baby kicking. She checked the heartbeat using the dopler, but was not sure until she and her husband rushed to the hospital.

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The Baby Had Passed Away In The Womb

Apparently, the baby boy had already passed away. The boy would have been her fourth child. They had named him Emersyn Jacob. It would have been her fourth child with husband Ryan.


She Expressed Her Experience In A Facebook Post

Emily shared her painful experience of having a stillborn baby to the world. She revealed her entire experience and how people's support around them is keeping them strong, while there are those who assume that her famous bee maternity shoot was the cause of her stillbirth.


She Had The Shoot Prior The Tragedy Struck

Emily Mueller who loves bees had got this photoshoot done months ahead of losing her unborn child. Though people assume the reason to be the bee stings that caused her to lose her baby, these claims cannot be considered totally true, as the baby passed away due to the blood clot.

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She Wrote Her Heart Out In Her Post

She revealed about the entire life-changing experience in her Facebook post. Check out the post...

We hope her family and she recover from this unexpected loss!

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Story first published: Saturday, November 18, 2017, 11:38 [IST]
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