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#AintNoCinderella: Women Tweeting Pics Of Themselves Out At Midnight

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With the molestation cases being blown up and the police forces forced to act on getting justice to the victim, the world gets united to get justice in its own way by posting things online against the molester.

A girl in Chandigarh, India, was molested and the netizens took no time to create a hastag "AintNoCinderella", where their idea is to seek justice on their own.

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Heard About #AintNoCinderella Challenge

This is the latest hastag where women are getting together to fight back against the molesters and the beasts who have restricted the life of a woman in India.

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These are some of the best #AintNoCinderella tweets that you cannot ignore. Check them out...

When A Leader Tweeted!

When a political party leader 'Sharmishta Mukherjee' tweeted a selfie of hers out post midnight. She wrote, "If I'm out at 12am, it DOES NOT mean I'm to be raped, molested, chased. My dignity is my right 24X7 #AintNoCinderella"

When Celebs Stepped In…

The word becomes stronger when you have the support of celebs and biggies who are in lending their support to the matter. For example, Ms Spandana, who simply tweeted a selfie of hers with the hashtag #AintNoCinderella.

All Women Unite For The Cause!

The moment the trend hit Twitter, women from all corners of the country started to post pictures of themselves with the hashtag #AintNoCinderella. How cool is that!

Even Men Loved The Concept!

Men too loved the concept and took to their Twitter accounts to show their support to this online revolution. Hope these sort of things change the thinking of people around us and make India a safer place for the women folk.

Wish to read some more tweets? Then, scroll down...

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