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New Year 2020: We Have Decoded The Reasons Why These Resolutions Fail

By Ajanta Sen

A majority of people make New Year resolutions. However, when it comes to achieving them, only 10-20 per cent of people actually fulfil it successfully. Sometimes due to lack of wealth and sometimes due to lack of inspiration, many of us surrender too early. Ever wondered why new year resolutions fail? Read further to know more.

Sometimes after making a resolution, you may also need some friends who can really inspire you to achieve your goals. So, try to surround yourself with more positive energy by hanging out with more supportive people.

Avoid negative and discouraging people. Below are some of the reasons due to which most of the people break their New Year resolutions:


Monetary Burden

If your new year resolution is linked with high costs, you are likely to give it up very easily. For instance, if your resolution is to lose weight, then it may need a pricey membership in a posh gym and you might drop your resolution for the same reason. The best idea is to be innovative and find some frugal options to attain your goals. For example, try working out at home instead of joining some expensive gym for weight reduction.


Being Insincere

Whatever you commit to do, you must do it with integrity. Do not make such resolutions which somebody else wants you to do. Focus your mind and make a resolution which you really want for yourself, not because of someone else. Don't follow what others are doing, this will only disappoint you more and you won't be sincere with yourself, which will result in a complete failure of your resolution.


Unplanned Resolution

Why do our New year resolutions fail? Your resolution must comprise a plan of action. An unplanned resolution will always lead to failure. Always make a plan to attain your objectives. A simple way is to split the end target into minor targets such as, you can make weekly targets which can help you to move gradually towards your final goal.


Unrealistic Goals

Some unrealistic goals like losing hundred pounds in 3 months is just next to impossible. You must set a target which can be achieved by you within the stipulated time frame. Whenever you make a resolution you must stick to it. You have to make specific changes in your lifestyle and attitude. Sticking to realistic and smaller resolutions can make you successful, whereas unrealistic and heavier goals can lead to failure.


Time Management

Some resolutions need better time management and this is why most of the new year resolutions fail. For example, if your resolution is to be organized and tidy throughout the year, you must start with smaller time frames to achieve your goal. Such as, initially you can start with just 10 minutes to stay uncluttered and organized. Gradually, it will become your daily habit and help you to succeed in your ultimate goal. If time management is not done, most of your new year resolutions may result in failure.


Huge Expectations

Sometimes, huge expectations can also lead to failure of a resolution. Making a New Year resolution is good, but instead of sticking to it honestly and having a huge expectation can lead to disinterest and eventually your resolution might fail. Expect less, focus more and try to achieve it slowly. Don't expect to achieve something all at once.


Disbelief In Yourself

Never be disheartened. Keep patting yourself and congratulate yourself on each small achievement. If you don't believe in yourself, your resolution might fail to succeed. Suppose your target was to reduce 50 pounds in 2 months and you could reduce only 30 pounds in 2 months, don't feel discouraged, rather pat your back and congratulate yourself that your effort was at least 60 percent successful if not 100 percent. This pat will encourage you to move towards your goal with better efforts.

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