What Your Sleeping Position Tells About You

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We all sleep in different positions each night and find it very difficult to sleep when we sleep in a position other than our usual one.

Night is a time when we get comfort through sleep and our body tends to sleep in the position in which it feels more comfort.

However, this sleeping position can reveal much about your character and your mental state. It has also been proven that your sleeping position can be a deciding factor for your health and well-being, as doctors suggest to sleep on your left side.

Now, coming to the character part, your sleeping position can reflect how you behave, what your nature is, how loyal are you with your friends, so on and so forth.

It has been seen that people who live in stress and a lot of mental pressure tend to sleep in a curved position and those who are free souls and are care-free sleep on their stomach. So, read the article to find out what your sleeping position tells about you.


People Who Sleep On Their Stomach

These people are very charming and fun loving. They are always nice to others and offer a helping hand. However, sometimes, they may hurt others without their knowledge, as they are very bad in handling emotions.


Sleeping With Hugging Something

Most people sleep while hugging their pillow or a teddy. These people seek love and care from others, which they might not get normally. These people are loyal friends and are pure at heart.


Sleep Straight Facing Towards The Roof

These people are introverts and reserved. They only talk to people with whom they are comfortable. They have a superiority complex and a lot of confidence.


Sleeping On The Side

People who prefer sleeping on sides are peace lovers and want sanctity in their lives. They are emotional and sensitive people and find it difficult in trusting others.


Sleeping On Sides With Legs Touching The Chest

Most people sleep on their sides and curve their legs inwards. This shows that these people have some sort of fear in their mind and may be in stress. They may have some insecurity about their future and may think a lot.


Sleeping While Reading

People who sleep while reading a book are the kind of people who try to find peace in their life. They try to avoid all kinds of worries in their life, but can be a bit insensitive towards others.


People Who Snore

People who snore make their brains work a lot and put a lot of strain on their brains. They can be intellectual people who do good without getting famous. They work hard and sleep tight during the night.

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Story first published: Friday, January 29, 2016, 22:01 [IST]
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