What Do Women Check Out In Other Women?

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How many of you gentlemen think that women check out other women? Well, according to recent analytics, it is stated that 90 per cent of the women love to check out another woman rather than check out the dude who is standing beside them.

Though this is strange, it is however true that women simply adore the looks of another woman, although they themselves look gorgeous.


In some cases, the reasons why a woman checks out another lady that passes by is simply because she is interested in her; and that my friend is a whole new term!

Today, Boldsky has finally brought to terms some of the real and genuine reasons why women actually have the time to check out that sexy babe across the street.

If you men have had your doubts on your lady, well, you dudes should spend some time on this article. Take a look at the real reasons why women check out other women:


It Is Her Hair Which Is An Attraction

Women love their hair. However, they also love to check out another woman's hair, whether or not it is much better than their's.


Those Shoes On Her Feet

When it comes to shoes, all of us women go gaga. So, if another woman walks by wearing a gorgeous pair of pumps, why not give those pins a stare.


Wow!! What A Man She's Got

Now, we all have the man of our dreams. But somewhere down the lane you wish you knew her man as well, right? Checking out that woman's man is another thing most women have the time to do.


Hmm.... Those Clothes

Cupboards will over flow with clothes, but still that wardrobe on the other woman looks appealing and necessary to check out. Don't you agree ladies?


I Hate Her Figure

Most women check out another woman's figure. It is that fine waist and a toned body which attracts a woman eyes more than a man.


The Rack

Aren't we all blessed with a perfect rack? But, don't we find the necessity to check out the other woman who has a perfect rack too!


Hair Colour Makes A Head Turn Too!

Hair colour is another attraction which gets the eye. When a woman passes by with streaks in her hair, don't you wish you had hair like that too?

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