This Woman Hid Over 1000 Kids In Coffins!

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This is the story of Irena Sendler who was born in Warsaw, Poland, on February 15, 1910. She is a woman who is hardly recognised, as most of us are unaware of the good deeds that she had done during the World War II.

A Woman Hid Over 1000 Kids In Coffins!

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This woman apparently helped children hide in the coffins and other boxes and transported them to other safer places. All this was done to ensure that the kids are safe!

Check out the interesting story of this woman who had saved over 2500 kids and she was arrested when the truth came out...

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Who Was She?

She was Irena Sendler who was born in Warsaw, Poland, on February 15, 1910. She was a devout Catholic.


And This is What She Did...

She became employed as a social worker in the Warsaw Social Welfare Department, where she helped people by distributing food and clothing to families in need.


Though She Was A Catholic…

She helped several Jewish families, just like she helped everyone else.


She Joined Zegota

During the World War II, she joined Zegota, an underground resistance organisation in German-occupied Poland that worked to save the Jews. She was keen in doing something for the Jews, even if it required her to risk her life!


She Started Secretly Helping The Jewish Kids

She visited many Jewish homes and families and convinced them to send their kids along with her to a safer place, as staying meant certain death, either by being murdered inside its walls or by deportation to concentration camps.


She Found Creative Ways To Hide The Children

She pretended that the children were seriously ill and would bring them to hospitals outside the ghetto. Sometimes, she would hide the children in suitcases, garbage bags, and even coffins!!


More Than 2500 Children Were Saved!

With the innovative way of smuggling the kids to a safer place, she did maintain a record of all the children she had brought to safety, and the list was hidden in cans in a neighbour's garden.


She Was Arrested…

The Nazis discovered what she was doing and arrested her. They tortured her and even had sentenced her to death. However, luck was on her side, as she escaped the gallows.


She Lived With False Identity After That

From that day onwards until her death, many years later, she lived under a false identity. But, she never stopped helping others.

After knowing what she has done, we must salute this courageous woman with a heart of gold!

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