Truths About Women’s 'Bed' Preferences

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Most of us believe in many misconceptions and myths but many studies are demystifying the sexual preferences of women. 

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In fact, when women are allowed to express themselves freely, they would voice out their preferences more openly. That is when we realise that what we knew about women till now is very less.

Yes, there are women who are as particular as men about their bed fantasies. Yes, women enjoy their lustier side too, just like men. And yes, there are some women who would love to make it as kinky as possible just like most of the men.

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In fact, if you take a look at the actual preferences of women in bed, you would realise that there is a lot to know...


Fact #1

Most of us think that women would choose men who have social status and men would choose women who're good looking. A new study declared that this is a myth as both men and women rated both status and good looks as important!


Fact #2

Most of us think that men want more sexual partners than women but a new study claims that such preferences don't have gender distinctions as people desiring for more partners exist both in men and women.


Fact #3

Another misconception is that men keep thinking a lot about sex compared to women. There are some women too who think a lot about it all the time and therefore, researchers are not yet ready with a conclusion about this topic.


Fact #4

It's a fact that many women fail to experience an orgasm but wait...researchers say that the chances of enjoying one increases after marriage. Living with a committed partner can enhance the quality of orgasms.


Fact #5

Another myth is that most of us think that women don't prefer casual ‘fun' that too with a stranger. In a recent study, nearly 76% of women openly said that they wouldn't mind going out with a good looking man who is a stranger especially if he comes across as safe, gentle and a civilised person who would handle them well.


Fact #6

Women are very choosy compared to men. Well, even this is a myth as researchers claim that even men can afford to be choosy if they are approached by women. Generally, men approach women and therefore, they come across as choosy.


Fact #7

Men think that women are vulnerable but many studies proved that it is men who cry more after breakups and experience depression when they are betrayed.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 5:20 [IST]
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