Strange Facts That Are Proved By Science

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Our minds love to believe in theories but unfortunately, increasing knowledge levels may keep shattering our old beliefs every now and then. Most of the time, it is science that opens our eyes to new worlds by shattering myths.

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Though deep scientific studies don't interest anyone of us, certain fun and shocking facts would surely do. Do you know that a photon takes more than 40 thousand years to reach the sun's outer surface from its core but it reaches earth within just 8 minutes!

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Do you know that nails and hair may seem to grow a bit even after the human body dies? Now, read on to know more facts that might sound unrealistic.


Fact #1

Professional shooters shoot well after they drink alcohol. Sounds strange? Well, as alcohol tends to relax the mind and body of the person by calming the system for a while, it is easier to shoot well.


Fact #2

Some studies claim that men who watch porn tend to lift weights harder in the gym. The reason could be the elevated testosterone levels after watching erotic stuff.


Fact #3

Taking too much of rest could make you fat. Certain studies say that inactivity would multiply the fat cells in the body.


Fact #4

Though it may sound funny to you, a recent survey claims that female porn stars are more content with their lives, and carry higher self esteem levels compared to normal people.


Fact #5

A new study claims that almost 22% of the people in Russia tend to die even before they cross the age of 50 years (may be due to the excessive consumption of Vodka!)


Fact #6

We carry more of bacteria cells than our own cells. Yes, millions of bacteria reside in the human body and there is no way we can get rid of them.


Fact #7

Though it sounds contradictory following diet plan would make you fat. Research suggests that the body tries to store more fat when you suddenly stop eating enough.

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